iOptron MINITOWER-II 8300-2G User Manual


Quick Start Guide

The MiniTower™-II GoTo AltAz Mount



Telescope mount (with built-in GPS)

GoToNova® 8401 hand controller

1.5-inch tripod w/leveling screws

One 10lb (4.5 kg) counterweight

One counterweight shaft

One secondary dovetail

AC adapter (100V-240V)

12V DC adaptor cable with car lighter plug

One 6P4C controller cable

One USB cable

Hard travel case

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Manuals (you will need to refer to the full manual for details on set-up and operation).

Tips for set up

Hand controller firmware upgrades (check online for latest version)

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Losmandy-D saddle (#8426)

PowerWeightTM rechargeable battery (#8028)

2-inch tripod (#8121ACC)

Pier (#8030M)


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Quick Setup

Note: This is a brief outline for getting started. Please refer to the full manual at for details.




#4 Bolt

#3 Knob





Step 1.

Extend tripod legs to full extension. Then lock legs using the lock knobs on sides.

Step 2.

Assemble the three prong washer and azimuth clutch lock (#8) onto the mount base. Do not fully tighten the AZI clutch lock yet.

Step 3.

Install three star-shaped adjustment screws onto the tripod head #5. Carefully position telescope mount onto the tripod by aligning the three holes on the bottom of the mount base (#7) to the three level adjustment screws (#6) on the top of the tripod (#5), hold the mount with your hand.

Adjust level adjustment screws (#6) to level the mount using the bubble level on the base. Rotate the mount to make sure the bubble is staying in center, or stay in the same place. (An external torpedo level may help.)

Step 4.

Secure the mount to the tripod by using the long tripod bolt (#4). Thread the bolt into the bottom of the mount by turning the tripod knob (#3).

Next, slide tripod support spread (#2) onto bottom of bolt (#4). Position the three edges to fit against the three tripod legs. Then hand tighten tripod lock knob (#1) to secure the tripod support spread in place.

Step 5.

Fine adjusting the three level adjustment screws (#6) to further leveling the mount. Tighten the azimuth clutch lock (#8). Tighten the tripod knob (#3). Tighten the tripod lock (#1). Make sure the mount is always leveled.

Step 6.

Attach telescope to Primary Dovetail Saddle (#10) using Primary Dovetail Lock (#9).


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