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Spec Sheet 31.340 • May 2000 • New

Replaces Brochure 31310 of August 94

Hubbell also offers a compact transmitter designed specifically for Radio Locomotive Control Systems, available in 72–76MHz or450–470MHz. This compact microcontroller transmitter offers smaller size, less weight and greater operator acceptance over the full size transmitter. The size is reduced by 33% making it safe to use in tight conditions. The weight is reduced by 15% which allows longer wearing cycles.

The compact transmitter has all the ruggedness of the standard Hubbell transmitter and includes a rechargeable nickel cadmium battery pack and adjustable harness. All functions of the locomotive are duplicated with reliable, high quality switches and pushbuttons. Throttle position and brake pressure are controlled by one switch, a reliable return to center device with positive detents in all positions. All switches are located for ease of operations and identified on an engraved legend plate.


Transmitter Specifications


72 MHz Transmitters

450 MHz Transmitters




Frequency Range



Channel Available

per customer license

per customer license

Frequency Stability -10to 60°C






Emission Type



Spurious/Harmonic Output (below carrier)



Output to Antenna

300 mW

300 mW (low) / 1 W(high)

Effective Radiated Power

3 mW

75 mW (low) / 250 mW(high)

Nominal Range (line of sight)

800 ft

1000 ft (low) / 1500 ft(high)




FCC Identifier



Canada Certificate Number






Voltage Requirement

12.5V dc ±15%

12.5V dc ±15%

Battery Usage

40 hrs

60 hrs (low) /40 hrs(high)

Recharge Time

8 hrs

8 hrs






Operating Temperature

-22°Fto 140°F

-30°Cto 60°C

-22°Fto 140°F

-30°Cto 60°C

Relative Humidity

20% to 90% non - condensing

20% to 90%

non - condensing

LED Indicator

Flashing: transmitting

Steady: low battery

Flashing: transmitting Steady: low battery

Function Lever Switches

2 lever switches max.

2 lever switches max.

Auxiliary Switches

8 toggle sw./p.b.

8 toggle sw./p.b.

Weight with Battery

8 lbs.

8 lbs.






4.25 (REF)

9.50 (REF)

7.75 (REF)



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