Hobart CE10FD User Manual

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C.S.I. Section 11400
701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
Multiple cooking modes in one piece of equipment:
Convection, Steam and Combination modes achieve Baking, Grill/Roasting, Steaming, Proong, Rethermal­ization, Low Temp, Healthy-Fry™, Delta-T, Finishing, Poaching, Stewing, and Defrosting results.
Electric boilerless combi which uses a direct steam
creation method.
Humidity control from 0-100% of possible maximum
relative humidity at chosen temperature.
Manual operation or programmable up to 100 recipes
with 10 cooking phases each.
Standard with rack guides and (5) racks. Core probe supplied as standard. 4-speed auto reversing fan with electrical braking
system on fan motor.
Rack ID multi-shelf timers allow up to 10 different time
settings for your cooking environment.
Halogen lights (3) built into door behind heat reective
Flashing door lights & audible alarm system alert user
when cooking cycle nished.
Includes Bluetooth® communication and recipe
software for PC.
Automatic cleaning programs with auto cool
down and auto dosing detergent pump featuring hands-free use of built-in wash arm operating with non-proprietary cleaning detergent. Programmable for automatic daily cleaning at user chosen time and cleaning strength without operator involvement.
Advanced diagnostic with fault history indication,
water cooled independent control boards, with LED indicators for service efciency.
Cool to the touch & energy efcient heat reective
panoramic curved exterior glass door and insulated panels reect heat back into the oven.
Optimized cooking functions for maximum production
with minimal energy and water consumption.
Two (2) year parts warranty on control boards, one (1)
year parts and labor warranty standard.
Combi is compatible with Traulsen hot and cold
CE10FD — Electric Boilerless Full Size Combi Oven
ADDRACK-F – Additional wire rack - full size
(standard with ve)
RACK-HANGRH – Rack hanger for holding wire racks 1220-BASKET – Fry basket - 12" x 20" GRILL-ROD – Grilling grid (rod) - 12" x 20" GRILL-SQUARE – Grilling grid (square) - 12" x 20" CHICKRK-TEN – Chicken rack - Holds up to (10) 3 lb.
birds per rack
SCAN-1 – Wireless Bluetooth® barcode scanner ❑ HCPC-1 – Wireless communication package with
HACCP monitoring and recording
INSERT-10F – Removable roll out cavity insert (used
with loading table)
TABLE-10F – Loading table for insert (for use with
insert and the 31.5" stand)
Water Filtration Minimum Recommendation for
Warranty Purposes: ❑ CB15K-SYSTEM – 15,000 gal. ❑ CB30K-SYSTEM – 30,000 gal. WS55E-COMBI – water treatment bundled
2nd year parts and labor warranty – 10F Combi
(standard with WS55E-COMBI) Consult factory for additional accessories/options
Specications, Details and Dimensions on Back.
Stand for 10F Combi: ❑ STAND-10F – 311⁄2 " STAND-10FL – 24"
Deluxe stand for 10F Combi with base and pan
❑ DLXSTD-10F – 311⁄2 " DLXSTD-10FL – 24"
CCAST-STAND – Casters (only for stands) STACK/L-10F – Stacking kit for two 10F Combi with
Combi on convection oven stacking kit: STACK/C-F/C5 STACK/C-F/C5X
FEET4-6/10 – Set of 4" high feet for 6 and 10 level
units (for counter top installation)
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