EdgeStar EAC420 User Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of this versatile EdgeStar product that combines an evaporative air cooler and a humidifier. To get the best cooling effect from your product please read these instructions carefully.

For the best cooling performance from your unit, first fill it with water. If ice is available, this will increase its cooling power. Position the unit in a place such that air will be able to “flow through” the area. The greatest cooling effect will be felt if the unit is operated in a partly opened doorway or window with the cooled air directed into the room. If the unit cannot be positioned in an area that will allow the air to “flow through,” it will still cool, but the effect will be lessened.


This appliance is intended for use in a home or small office environment. Any other use (e.g., outdoors) is not recommended by the manufacturer and may cause fire, electrical shocks or other injury to person or property.

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed:

1.Extreme care should be taken when any product is used by or near children and the elderly, and whenever the product is left operating and unattended.

2.Before operating the product remove the unit from its packaging and check to ensure it is in good condition.

3.DO NOT let children play with the packaging, especially plastic bags.

4.DO NOT operate any product with a damaged power cord

or plug.


5.DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions on this unit as this may void the warranty.

6.Check the household voltage to ensure it matches the appliance’s rate specification.

7.DO NOT cover the air inlet or outlet.

8.Always unplug the product before refilling the water tank.

9.Always unplug the product when not in use. To disconnect from the power supply, grip the plug and pull it from the power socket. Never pull by the plug out by the cord.

10.This product is not intended for use in wet or damp locations. Never locate the product where it may fall into a bathtub or other water container. DO NOT use in bathrooms or outdoors. When not in use always store in a dry area.

11.DO NOT run the power cord under carpeting or cover with rugs or runners. Keep the cord away from areas where it may be tripped over.

12.Avoid the use of an extension cord.

13.DO NOT insert or allow objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening as this may damage the product and could cause an electrical shock or fire.

14.DO NOT use the product in areas near gasoline, paint, or other inflammable goods or objects.

15.If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized service center.

16.Unplug or disconnect the appliance from the power before servicing and cleaning.


Before you clean the appliance, switch it off, remove the plug from the power socket and wait until the product has cooled down.

Use a damp cloth to clean the product housing.

Do not use water, detergents, abrasive cleaning liquids or chemical agents (e.g., Alcohol, Gasoline etc…) to clean the appliance.

Store the unit in its original packaging in a dry, dust free area during the off season.




The TIMER can be used to switch the product off after a selected number of hours.

Turn the unit on.

Select the desired operating mode, speed, etc.

Press the TIMER button once and the product will switch off after 1 hour. Press the button again for 2 hours, again for 3 hours etc. The maximum timer setting is 8 hours. The LED display will show the number of hours the timer is currently set for.

To cancel the Timer setting press the TIMER button again until all the timer indicators are dark.


POWER: This button turns the unit ON or OFF. MODE: This button turns the COOL MODE on or off.

SPEED: This button toggles through the fan speeds

TIMER: This button controls the TIMER SWING: This button adjusts the louver swing.

a)To replace the batteries, remove the cover of the battery compartment. Install two AAA 1.5V Batteries, and then replace the cover.

b)The effective operating range of the remote control is about 13 feet in front of the unit and about 10 feet on the side.

c)Take out the batteries if the remote will not be used for a long period.

d)Replace the batteries as soon as the remote control does not work normally.

e)Do not allow children to use the remote as a toy.


Model No.








Net Weight

23 pounds



Top cover


Air vent




Front cover


Horizontal louvers


Water level


Left side


Remote control


Front cover ornament


Remote control holder


Power cord hole


Right side


Caster wheels


Water inlet panel


Top cover lid







Choose a suitable location for your unit; as noted in the first section, the unit will produce greater cooling when located in an area in which air can “flow through.”

This unit can be operated by the controls on the control panel or with the remote control


Remove the plug from the electrical socket.

Open the top cover lid or water inlet panel and pour clean water into tank. The water inlet panel will allow you to pour more water in, faster. Additionally, some ice cubes will increase the cooling performance. Then connect to the power supply.

Press the POWER button to turn the unit on. The fan will start at MEDIUM speed, and after few seconds it will switch to LOW speed.

Press the SPEED button to increase or decrease the speed.


Press the MODE button to select the COOL MODE, as indicated by the LED. The full effect of this mode will begin to be felt after about 3 minutes.

Once all the water in the tank has been used turn the product OFF, unplug it from the electrical socket, and refill the tank.

To turn the product OFF press the POWER button again.

If you do not intend to use the product again for some time empty the water tank.

To empty the water tank, turn the unit off using the POWER button. Unplug the unit from the power outlet. Remove the drain cap from the drain and allow the water to drain out.


Open the top cover lid

Turn the dial counter-clockwise for maximum humidification.

Turn the dial clockwise for minimum humidification.


Press the SWING button to start the vertical louvers automatically moving from side to side. To stop the louvers press the SWING button again.

You can change the air direction up or down by manually adjusting the horizontal louvers.