EdgeStar AP550Z User Manual


Troubleshooting and reconnecting wires to the “compressor capacitor” on the AP550Z

Tools required:

Phillips screwdriver

The problem:

If the AP550Z was recently shipped or roughly moved, it may have one of two problems:

The fan to the interior of the room turns on, but the air blown out of it is room temperature. Or,

The unit blows the circuit breaker it is run on


Make sure the unit is disconnected from the power supply prior to working on it

Do not attempt this repair if you do not feel comfortable with any procedures

If you require any assistance, please call EdgeStar Service at 866-319-5473

The repair:

1.Make sure the unit is unplugged

2.Face the rear of the unit

3.Remove the filter frame:

Pull up on the filter frame, then pull down and away from the unit to remove it

4. Once the filter frame has been removed, remove the lower portion of the back of the unit:

Remove these four screws

Once the screws have been removed, this portion comes right off

5.Now remove the left side of the unit (left, assuming you are facing the rear of the unit)

Step A.

Remove these two screws from the rear of the unit

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