Dynacord DSP 260 User Manual

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With the DSP 260 digital 2-in-6sound system manager, DYNACORD is continuing its proud tradition in the field of innovative digital signal processors.

Based on the most modern hardware, this system manager offers tried-and-testedas well as new algorithms for the simple and swift construction of activemulti-waysystems. As much importance has been attached here by the developers to highuser-friendlinessas to the realization of an extremely favorable price.

24-bitsigma-deltaAD/DA converters and a32-bitoating-pointsignal processor make possible a dynamic range of 111 dB. In addition to the two analog inputs, a digital stereo input in AES/EBU format is available. A-6dB pad switch in front of the AD converters offers additional security against overload when the device is connected to mixing desks with very high output levels. The 6 individually mutable outputs are electronically balanced and available on XLR sockets. For all inputs and outputs, easily read LED level meters are provided on the front panel.

Users can choose whether to confi gure their own systems at the device itself using the controls and display provided or else by means of the intuitive editing software.

is just one of many features that make the DSP 260 an ideal choice also for the rental business.

The wealth of features combined with its outstanding audio performance and favorable price commend this audio system manager for a multitude of professional applications.

3-waystereo,2-waystereo + FR,4-waymono + FR etc. Furthermore, factory presets compatible with those of thetried-and-testedDSP-244are available for Dynacord loudspeaker systems.

In terms of DSP, the device offers parametric and graphic EQs as well as a delay function in the input and crossover, channel EQ, channel delay and a level control with limiter in each output channel.

An RS-232interface allows Master/Slave operation of multiple devices as well as GPI switching of settings. A PC (the supplied editing software runs under Windows) can be connected via the USB interface on the front panel.

A variable parameter lockout function allows you to determine which settings and parameters can be accessed directly at the device. This

DSP 260 Preliminary Technical Specifications



Mains Voltage


Power Consumption




Analog Inputs

2x XLR IN, electronically balanced


2x XLR THRU OUT, electronically balanced

Digital Inputs


Nominal Input Voltage

1.23 V / +4 dBu

Maximum Input Voltage

8.7 V / +21 dBu

(Without -6dBAnalog Pad Engaged)


Input Impedance

10k ohm

Common Mode Rejection

-80dB @ 1 kHz (typical)

A/D Conversion



6x XLR OUT, electronically balanced

Nominal Output Voltage

1.23 V / +4 dBu

Maximum Output Voltage

8.7 V / +21 dBu

Output Impedance

50 ohm

D/A Conversion


Frequency Response

10 Hz-22kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)


< 0.01% (band limited 22Hz-22kHz)

Dynamic Range

111 dB unweighted, band limited 22 Hz - 22 kHz




USB Type B on front panel (PC Interface)


Software Confi gurable for GPI Preset Recall or


Master/Slave Connection to second DC-Oneunit

Signal Processing


Sample Rate

48 kHz

Data Format


Internal Processing

32-BitFloating Point



Dimensions (WxHxD)

19 x 14 x 1.75 inches (482.6 x 355.6 x 44.45 mm)

Weight (Net)

10.1 lb (4.6 kg)

Weight (Gross)

13.0 lb (5.9 kg)

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