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Public Address System

Owner’s Manual

MB-350 wall/tripod mounting

bracket and TP-30 tripod sold seperately

PA300+UHF Wireless

PA300+ Wired

PresentationProOwner’s Manual

Thank you for purchasing this PresentationPro™ (PA300+UHF or PA300+), the most versatile and portable PA for use in school, business, Houses of Worship and government facilities.

I invite you to register your product online for its limited six year warranty coverage at our website: — while you’re there — make sure to visit our complete line of multimedia players and recorders, wired and wireless headphones and headsets, computer peripherals, installed audio systems, podiums and other Califone products.


Roscoe Anthony

President, Califone® International, Inc.

Unpacking your PresentationPro™

Inspection and inventory of your system. Check unit carefully for damage that may have occurred during transit.

Each PresentationPro™ product is carefully inspected at the factory and packed in a special carton for safe transport.



Notify the freight carrier immediately if you observe any damage the shipping carton or product. Repack the unit in the carton and await inspection by the carrier’s claim agent. Notify your dealer of the pending freight claim.

Warranty Registration

Please visit the Califone website to register your PresentationPro™ for warranty coverage.

Returning your unit for service or repairs

Should your unit require service, contact your dealer or our Customer Service Department at (800) 722-0500 to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. All shipments to Califone must include an RA number on the carton and must shipped prepaid. C.O.D. shipments will be refused and returned at your cost.


a)PA300+UHF / PA300+ Powered Amplifier

b)RC-300 Remote Control and (2) AAA Batteries

c)Instruction Manual

Connections and Functions

NOTE: When first connecting other equipment to “aux in” or “line” in make certain that their power is off and volume control at minimum.


PA300+UHF Shown

Recommended Set-up Procedure

Ideally volume on the unit should be set at maximum before the microphone volume is adjusted to the desired level. Turn on the main power switch and use either a wireless microphone or cabled microphone to adjust the volume.

Operating The Sound System

Place the PresentationPro at its desired location.

CAUTION: Assure the 120/240 switch is in the correct position.

Plug the power cord into a grounded 120 volt, 60 Hz outlet.

Connect and audio source. Plug a microphone into either the XLR MIC input jack or the ¼”phone mic input or a wireless Califone microphone. An audio source can be plugged into the AUX or LINE IN jacks.

Turn the power switch “ON” (the red LED on the rear panel should light).

Adjust volume (press the Vol+/Volon the rear panel or keys on RC-300 remote control), bass/treble controls for desired sound.

Point the remote control at the speaker grill).

Wireless Receiver (PA300+UHF only)

a)Set the volume controls on both the UHF receiver and the mic to 10 o’clock.

b)If using only neckband or clip on mics, it is recommended that the mic volume on the M316 Belt Pack Transmitter (not the UHF receiver) is turned to maximum. The volume control on the Belt Pack Transmitter can then be used to adjust the mic volume.

c)If using mics which DO NOT have individual volume controls it is recommended that the microphone volume control be set at 10 o’clock and then re-adjusted to the desired volume as required.

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