Blackberry 857, 957, RIM 857 LANGUAGE, RIM 957 LANGUAGE, RIM 850 LANGUAGE Manual

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Blackberry 857, 957, RIM 857 LANGUAGE, RIM 957 LANGUAGE, RIM 850 LANGUAGE Manual

Language Quick Reference

This card offers information on how to set and operate your BlackBerry handheld in the language of your preference (either French or English).

Changing the language on the handheld

1.In the Home screen, scroll to the OPTIONS icon and click. The Device Options screen appears.

2.Scroll to Localization and click. In the Localization screen, press the SPACE key to set the Locale field to Français (or English).

3.Click the trackwheel to view the menu. Scroll to Enregistrer réglages (or Save Options), and click.

Getting started tips

To set your handheld to a 24 hour clock - In the Réglages appareil screen, scroll to Date/heure and click. Press the SPACE key to set the

Format field to 24 h.

To type characters with accents - In any text field, press and hold a letter key while rolling the trackwheel to scroll through the available accents. Release the letter key to insert a character.

Restoring the AutoText database

The AutoText function automatically replaces text that you type with pre-programmed text. If you restore a backup of a version 2.1 AutoText database, English AutoText entries will appear on the handheld in English, and French entries will appear in French. If you restore a backup of a version 2.0 or previous AutoText database, the handheld must be in the same language when you restore as it was when you backed it up. Otherwise, any new AutoText entries you created on the desktop will be available only in the language the handheld was in when you restored the database.

See the online help topic “Performing an Advanced restore” for complete instructions on restoring your AutoText database.

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