Blackberry 22-1697 User Manual

Blackberry 22-1697 User Manual


Voice/Text Radar Detector


OWNER’S MANUAL Please read before using this equipment.



Mute — silences

12V DC Jack — The power


cord plugs in here.

360° Laser Eye — receives

the alert tone.



incoming laser signals





directed at your vehicle from





all directions.




City (City/Highway)









switches between city

Speaker — sounds a digital




and highway modes.





voice alert. Tones let you




High Visibility

know the types of radar and




laser signals detected.




Alphanumeric Display —





Provides a good view of the

VOLUME/OFF — turns the



signal detected and signal

Dim — controls the

strength and indicates the

detector on and off and lets

selected operating mode.

you adjust the volume.


brightness of the





Plug the supplied power cord’s barrel plug into the detector’s 12V DC jack. Then plug the cord’s cigarette-lighter plug into your vehicle’s cigarette-lighter socket.

ÔNote Ô

To prevent the detector from draining your vehicle’s battery if you leave the detector on when you turn off the ignition, unplug the power cord from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

If the detector does not operate when you turn it on, remove the cigarette-lighter plug from your vehicle’s socket and check the socket for debris. Also, check the fuse in the detector’s plug and your vehicle’s cigarette lighter fuse.

12V DC Jack


Use only the supplied 12V DC, Positive (+) Tip power cord.

Before plugging the power cord’s cigarette-lighter plug into your vehicle’s cigarette-lighter socket, make sure the plug’s tip is screwed firmly onto the plug.

Thank you for purchasing a RadioShack Voice/Text Radar Detector. Your radar detector can alert you to many traffic radar and laser systems with its distinct visual and audio alerts. It receives X-, K-, and Ka-band radar signals, and detects both the instant-on and laser systems many law enforcement agencies use to measure vehicle speed. Plus, your detector can give you advance warning of potential road hazards by detecting signals from transmitters that broadcast Safety Warning System™ (SWS) alerts.


Radar Detector

Windshield Bracket


with Suction Cups

Coiled Power Cord

Hook and


Loop Tape

Question and Answer About

Vehicle Speed Detection

Ô Note Ô

Before reading this Owner’s Manual, read the supplied booklet Questions and Answers About Vehicle Speed Detection to familiarize yourself with the terms and uses associated with your detector.



For the best performance, select a location where the detector has a direct view of the road. The detector’s radar antenna is at the opposite end of the indicators.

Mounting Guidelines

Choose a location that does not block the driver’s view of the road.

Mount the detector in a level position with a clear view of both the front and rear of your vehicle.

Choose a location that gives the detector a view unobstructed by metal objects.

Some vehicles have InstaClear® or ElectriClear® defogging windshields, which have metal coatings that block signals. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has one of these features. A detector installed in a vehicle with one of these features might not detect a signal.

Since window tinting reduces the received strength of laser signals, you should not mount the detector behind heavily tinted glass.

Do not mount the detector where the driver or a passenger might hit it in a sudden stop or accident.


1. Clean the selected windshield area, position

the bracket on the windshield. Press firmly on each suction cup to secure the bracket.

2. Slide the detector’s bracket slot onto

the bracket until it snaps into place.

Bracket Slot

Adjusting the Bracket

If the mounted detector is not at the optimum viewing angle, you can adjust the mounting bracket for better viewing. Carefully bend the bracket in or out to adjust it to the desired angle.


Do not use the mounting bracket in a vehicle that has a plastic safety coating on the inside of the windshield designed to protect passengers during an accident. If you use the bracket on this type of windshield, you might permanently mar the windshield’s surface. Mount the radar detector on the dashboard instead.

Ô Note Ô

Though the detector has a 360° laser and radar detection range, the radar detection is most sensitive in the front range.


In some vehicles, the dashboard may be the best location to mount the detector. Use the supplied hook-and-loop tape to mount your radar detector to the dash.

1.Use a damp cloth to clean the bottom of the detector and the dashboard. Let both surfaces dry.

2.Remove the tape’s paper backing and stick the tape to the bottom of the detector.

3.Remove the backing from the other side of the tape and firmly press your detector onto the dashboard.

ÔDashboard Mounting Notes Ô

The tape’s adhesive might not stick to a surface treated with vinyl cleaner or protectant.

Do not place the hook-and-loop tape over the detector’s serial number.

On a curved dashboard, cut the supplied strip in half and use one strip on each side of the bottom of the detector.

Be sure to place the detector out of view when you leave the vehicle. This keeps the detector out of sight of thieves and prevents exposure to extremely high temperatures, which can temporarily impair your detector’s performance.



To turn on the detector,


toward VOLUME until it clicks. You hear a tone

and the detector

announces “Welcome!


Buckle your seat belt,”

and a test message of “WELCOME!” appears.

After self-testing, HWY appears.

To turn off the detector, rotate VOLUME/OFF toward OFF until it clicks.


Rotate VOLUME/OFF toward VOLUME to increase the detector’s volume. Rotate it toward OFF to reduce the volume.



Your detector has two operating modes: City and Highway.

• City mode requires a


Ô Note Ô

stronger X-band signal


before the detector

City mode helps prevent

sounds, or visually


false alerts in tightly

indicates, an alert.


populated areas where radar


signals can bounce off

• Highway mode provides



surrounding structures.

maximum sensitivity for

City mode has no effect on

open-road driving. The


K/Ka-band alerts, laser

detector is preset to


alerts, or instant-on radar.



Highway mode and HWY



appears when you turn it on.



1.To select City mode, press City. CTY appears and the detector says “City Mode.”

2.To return to Highway mode, press City again. HWY appears and the detector says “Highway Mode.”

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