Bertazzoni MAST30FSEXT, MAST30FDEXV User Manual

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Bertazzoni MAST30FSEXT, MAST30FDEXV User Manual






/ From the desk of the President

From the desk of the President

Dear new owner of a Bertazzoni,

I want to thank youDear new owner of a Bertazzoni appliance.

I want to thank you for choosing one of our beautiful products for your home.

My family started manufacturing kitchen appliances in Italy in 1882, building a reputation for quality of engineering and passion for good food.

Today, our products stand out because of their unique blend of authentic Italian design and superior appliance technology. It is our mission to make products that function perfectly and bring joy to their owners.

By making beautiful products we respond to our customers’ flair for good design. By making them versatile and easy-to-use, cooking with

Bertazzoni becomes a real pleasure.

This manual will help you learn to use and care for your Bertazzoni appliance in the safest and most e ective way, so that it can give you the highest satisfaction for years to come.


Paolo Bertazzoni



/ Table of contents


WARNINGS ___________________________________________________________________


OVEN AND KNOBS-DISPLAY LAYOUT______________________________________________


Before first use ________________________________________________________________


ELECTRIC OVEN________________________________________________________________


Shelf positions ____________________________________________________________


Cooling fan __________________________________________________________________


Preheating the oven ___________________________________________________________


Using the oven _______________________________________________________________


Oven cooking modes _________________________________________________________




Getting best results __________________________________________________________


Saving energy _______________________________________________________________


Oven cooking recommendations ________________________________________________


Broiling recommendation_______________________________________________________


Troubleshooting common problems with oven cooking__________________________


USING DISPLAY ________________________________________________________________




SELF-CLEANING _______________________________________________________________


TELECOPIC GLIDES ___________________________________________________________


KEEPING YOUR BERTAZZONI CLEAN _____________________________________________


SIMPLE MAINTENANCE _________________________________________________________


Replacing oven lights _________________________________________________________


TROUBLESHOOTING ___________________________________________________________


TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY _________________________________________________



/ Warnings


Warning and Important Safety Instructions appearing in this manual are not meant to cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. Common sense, caution, and care must be exercised when installing, maintaining, or operating the appliance.

Read and follow all instructions before using this appliance to prevent the potential risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury or damage to the appliance as a result of improper usage of the appliance. Use appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this manual.

Save this Manual for local electrical inspector’s use. Read and save these instructions for future reference. Observe all governing codes, ordinances and regulations.


To avoid risk of property damage, personal injury or death; follow information in this manual exactly to prevent a fire or explosion. DO NOT store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids near this or any appliance.

To ensure proper and safe operation: Appliance must be properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician. DO NOT attempt to adjust, repair, service, or replace any part of your appliance unless it is specifically recommended in this manual. All other servicing should be referred to a qualified servicer. Have the installer show you the location of the gas shut-o valve and how to shut it o in an emergency.

To Prevent Fire or Smoke Damage

Be sure all packing materials are removed from the appliance before operating it.

Never let clothing, potholders, or other flammable materials come in contact with or too close to any element.

In Case of Fire

Turn o appliance and ventilation hood to avoid spreading the flames. Extinguish flames then turn on hood to remove smoke and odor.

NEVER pick up or move a flaming pan.

Smother fire or flame by closing the oven door. DO NOT use water on grease fires. Use baking soda, a dry chemical or foam type extinguisher to smother fire or flames,

if available, a multipurpose dry chemical or foam type extinguisher.

Child Safety

NEVER leave children alone or unsupervised near the appliance when it is in use or is still hot.

NEVER allow children to sit or stand on any part of the appliance as they could be injured or burned.

DO NOT store items of interest to children over the unit. Children climbing to reach those items could be seriously injured.


This user manual is an integral part of the appliance and must therefore be kept in its entirety in a place accessible to the user for the entire lifetime of the appliance.

Read this manual before using the appliance.

Manufacturer liability

The manufacturer shall bear no liability for property damage or personal injury due to:

Use of the appliance other than that specified.

Failure to comply with the instructions in the user manual.

Tampering with/unauthorised modifications to any part of the appliance.

The use of non-original spare parts.

This appliance is intended for cooking food in the home environment. Any other use shall be considered improper.

The appliance is not designed to operate with external timers or with remote-control systems.


/ Warnings

Cooking Safety

During use the appliance becomes hot. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements inside the oven.

WARNING: Accesible parts may become very hot during use. Young children should be kept away.

Once the unit has been installed as outlined in the Installation Instructions, it is important that the fresh air supply is not obstructed. The use of the cooking appliance results in the production of heat and moisture in the room in which it is installed.

Ensure that the kitchen is well-ventilated. Keep natural venting holes open or install a mechanical ventilation device. Prolonged or intensive use of the appliance may call for additional (such as opening a window) or more e ective ventilation (such as increasing the level of a mechanical ventilation if present).

NEVER use aluminum foil to cover oven racks or oven bottom. This could result in risk of electric shock, fire, or damage to the appliance. Foil can cause oven enamel to craze and /or crack. Use foil only as directed in this guide.

DO NOT heat unopened food containers, build up of pressure may cause the container to explode and result in injury.

ALWAYS let quantities of hot fat used for deep fat frying cool before attempting to move or handle.

DO NOT drape towels or materials on oven door handles. These items could ignite and cause burns.

ALWAYS place oven racks in the desired positions while oven is cool. Slide oven rack out to add or remove food, using dry, sturdy potholders.

ALWAYS avoid reaching into the oven to add or remove food. If a rack must be moved while hot, use a dry pot-holder.

ALWAYS turn the oven o at the end of cooking.

Use care when opening the oven door. Let hot air or steam escape before moving or replacing food.

DO NOT cook directly on the oven bottom. This could result in damage to your appliance. Always use the oven racks when cooking in the oven.

Do not insert anything in the slots.

Do not obstruct ventilation openings and heat dispersal slots.

In the event of breakage or cracking in the glass, shut o the oven immediately and disconnect it from the power supply. Contact

technical support.

Sudden and extreme changes in temperature can cause the glass to break – never pour cold liquids onto the oven door.

Using the oven generates heat and moisture – keep the area well ventilated during operation.

Never place flammable objects in the oven

Do not open the door if smoke is coming out of the oven. Shut the appliance o and disconnect its power supply.

Ensure that there are no trapped objects which could prevent the oven door from shutting.

The oven is not designed to operate with timers or remote control systems.

Plastic containers not designed for high temperatures could melt, damaging the oven or even catching fire.

Always use specific oven gloves for removing or inserting heat-resistant cookware or accessories.

Appliance must not be installed behind a decorative door in order to avoid overheating.

Take great care when cooking food with a high alcohol content, as this could cause a fire.

Remove any food residue from inside the oven before using the appliance in order to prevent fires and smoking.

After cooking, keep the door closed while the oven is cooling down to prevent damaging adjacent kitchen units.

Fruit juice or any sugary liquids or syrups can cause indelible staining; use deep dishes to prevent leakage.

Sugar/syrup that is not wiped o the enamel surface can cause damage and/or permanent stains to the enamel if subject to successive cycles cookiong.

Damaged containers, or those which are unsuitably small, can lead to serious injuries.

Do not operate the appliance with wet hands or when it is in contact with water.

Do not apply pressure to the open door.

Do not use the appliance as a work surface or shelf.

Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems. Keep pet birds out of the kitchen or other rooms where kitchen fumes can reach them.

Recommended Utensils

NEVER let a pan boil dry as this could damage the utensil and the appliance.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions when using oven cooking bags.


/ Warnings

Oven Heating Elements

NEVER touch oven bake and broil elements areas or interior surfaces of oven.

Bake and broil elements may be hot even though they are dark in color. Areas near elements and interior surfaces of an oven may become hot enough to cause burns.

During and after use, DO NOT touch or let clothing or other flammable materials contact heating elements, areas near elements, or interior surfaces of oven until they have had su cient time to cool. Other surfaces of the oven may become hot enough to cause burns, such as the oven vent opening, the surface near the vent opening, and the oven door window.

Cleaning Safety

Turn o all controls and wait for appliance parts to cool before touching or cleaning them. Clean the oven with caution. Avoid steam burns; DO NOT use a wet sponge or cloth to clean the range while it is hot. Some cleaners produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface. Follow directions provided by the cleaner manufacturer.

DO NOT clean, rub, damage, move or remove the door gasket. It is essential for a good seal during baking. If the gasket becomes worn or excessively soiled with food particles, replace gasket to assure a tight seal.

Power failure warning

The oven control knob should always remain in the “OFF” position during a power failure.

NEVER use appliance as a space heater to heat or warm a room to prevent potential hazard to the user and damage to the appliance. Also, DO NOT use the oven as a storage area for food or cooking utensils.


Do not place heat-resistant cookware or other objects directly onto the oven's interior surface.

Do not place water directly inside the hot oven.

Do not store moist dishes and food inside the oven after completing cooking.

Any discolouration of the enamel will not a ect the oven’s performance.

For very wet cake batters, use a dripping pan. Fruit juice can cause permanent stains.

When opening the oven door, be very careful of escaping steam: burn hazard!

Do not obstruct ventilation openings and heat dispersal slots.

Electrical shock hazard

Make sure all controls are OFF and oven is COOL before cleaning. Failure to do so can result in burns or electrical shock.

DO NOT touch a hot oven light bulb with a damp cloth as the bulb could break. Should the bulb break, disconnect power to the appliance before removing bulb to avoid electrical shock.

NEVER cover any slots, holes or passages in the oven bottom or cover an entire rack with materials such as aluminum foil.Doing so blocks air flow through the oven and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Aluminum foil linings may also trap heat, causing a fire hazard.

Burn hazard

The oven door, especially the glass, can get hot. DO NOT touch the oven door glass or the oven door panel.

Warning-tipping hazard

Children and adults can tip over the oven if it has not been secured.This may lead to fatal injuries.

Failure to observe the information contained in the installation instructions can lead to serious or fatal injuries for children and adults.


Cancer and Reproductiv Harm-


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