Behringer Super Fuzz SF300 User Manual



3-Mode Fuzz Distortion Effects Pedal

Thank you for showing your confidence in us by purchasing the BEHRINGER SUPER FUZZ SF300.

This effects pedal is ideally suited for electric guitars and recreates the whole variety of famous fuzz tones of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

1. Controls













(1)The LEVEL control adjusts the output level.

(2)The TREBLE control allows you to boost/cut the high-frequency range.

(3)The BASS control allows you to boost/cut the low-frequency range.

(4)The GAIN control adjusts the gain for more distorted sounds.

(5)The MODE switch lets you choose between 3 effect modes. FUZZ 1: Basic fuzz sound with emphasis on the midrange.

FUZZ 2: Full-bodied fuzz sound with scooped mids and sharp harmonics. BOOST: The Level control is inactive and the Gain control adjusts the boost.

(6)The ON/BATT LED illuminates when the effect is activated. It also serves as a battery level indicator.

(7)Use the footswitch to activate/deactivate the effect.

(8)Use this 1/4" TS IN connector to plug in the instrument cable.

(9)The 1/4" TS OUT connector sends the signal to your amp.

Use the DC IN connection to plug in a 9 V power supply (not included).

The BATTERY COMPARTMENT is located underneath the pedal cover. To install or replace the 9 V battery (not included), press the hinges with a ballpoint pen and remove the pedal cover. Be careful not to scratch the unit.

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