AOpen CD40X User Manual

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Quick Installation Guide

Installing the CD-ROMDrive

Before you begin, turn off the system power. Follow the steps below to install the CDROM drive:

1.Adjust the Master/Slave jumpers on the back of the CD-ROMdrive as necessary. (The factory default of the slave mode normally should not be changed.)

2.Screw the CD-ROMdrive unit into a free5.25-inchdrive bay.

3.Plug connectors to the sockets on the rear side of CD-ROMdrive.




Cable Select

To digital audio




Audio Cable






Power Cable




To Audio-Inconnector




of sound card




Red Strip

IDE Cable

Red Strip



NOTE: The red edge of the IDE cable corresponds to pin 1 of the IDE interface on theCD-ROMdrive.

Using the CD-ROMDrive

In most cases, software drive operations directly. panel controls.

applications that utilize CD-ROMdrives control theCD-ROMHowever, you can control the drive manually using the front-

1.Headphone Jack

2. Volume Control


4.Play/Skip Button

5.Load/Eject Button

6. Emergency-ejectHole (only

available with 32x CDROM and


7. Disc Tray


1.Locate the tiny hole at the bottom of the disc tray. Gently poke the hole three times with a sharp needle or a clip.

2. When the disc tray opens, pull out the tray and remove the disc from the CD-ROMdrive.

Please refer to \Manual\Readme.txt for software driver installation and more information.