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Product Features

Unchannelized DS3 network interface

Full local switching capability

T1, SHDSL, ADSL, IDSL line interfaces

High density – up to 224 subscriber lines in a six-inchshelf

UNI3.1 and TM 4.0 compliant

Remotely manageable

Suitable for Remote Terminal and Central Office applications

IMA and DS3 aggregation supported

Full QoS (CBR, VBRrt, VBRnrt, UBR)

Policing and queuing

Oversubscription available for sustained services

Full ATM address space


DS3 Cell Switch Module

Total Access 3000 DS3 Cell Switch Module

From Voice-over-DSL(VoDSL) and highspeed data tonetwork-edgeconcentration and switching, the ADTRANTM Total Access® DS3 Cell Switch Module (CSM) provides the industry’s best solution forATM-baseddeployments.The ADTRAN CSM provides local switching capability for ADTRAN’s Total

Access 3000 multiservice access platform. With DS3 and a variety of subscriber line interfaces, the CSM offers an unmatched degree of flexibility in network design and scalability.

The CSM occupies a single position in the

Total Access 3000 and can be used with T1,

SHDSL, ADSL, DS1 Frame Relay, and IDSL subscriber line units to address the majority of today’s DSL applications. The CSMequipped Total Access 3000 can function as an ATM switch. Adding a second CSM to the existing shelf provides redundancy. ADSL, IDSL, and SHDSL line cards can be used to provide subscriber line functionality. T1 inter-

faces can be used for business-basedvoice and data services that are terminated by Integrated Access Devices (IADs) or routers.

The Total Access 3000 system can function as the loop access platform, concentration platform, or switch in Remote Terminal, Remote

Central Office, or hub Central Office locations due to its small size, high density, and temperature-hardeneddesign.

The CSM also has the option to serve as the core for IMA and DS3 ATM aggregation. The system can service up to 112 IMA ports or

14 individual DS3 ports.

The CSM can be managed through SNMP, Telnet, or local craft interface with VT100 terminal emulation. ADTRAN’s Total Access

EMS provides the management platform for the Total Access 3000 system for Operations

Support Systems requiring Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) support or mediation services for various protocols.


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DS3 Cell Switch Module

Total Access 3000 DS3 Cell Switch Module

Product Specifications

Front Panel Features








On Line


Single Total Access 3000 multiplexer slot

DSX-3interface through 1181004L1 coax adapter on backplane


Network Interface

DS3 unchannelized interface

ATM UNI 3.1/4.0 compliance

C-bitparity (can be disabled through management interface)

Payload scrambler on by default (can be disabled through management interface)

Subscriber Interface

ATM UNI 3.1/4.0 compliance

Direct mapped ATM cells

Payload scrambler per subscriber on by default (can be disabled through management interface)

Single-bitHeader Error Correction option (on per system basis)


Supports AIS, RDI, OAM loopback

OAM&P interface

TL1 and SNMP management support through SCU

Supported by Total Access EMS management system

Synchronized PM and provisioning between active and standby units

QoS reporting and management

In-bandVPI/VCI for SNMP management traffic

Automatic Protection Switching (APS)

1:1 equipment protection available

Front panel manual APS control switch


External BITS, line, or local timing modes

Optional S3E holdover

ATM Switching

Supports ATM traffic classes





Per VC queuing and scheduling

7900 VC capacity


Operating: –40°to +65°C

Storage:–40°to +85°C

Relative Humidity: Up to 95 percent, noncondensing


Power requirements

–42to–56VDC input voltage range

Fully operational with either A or B power feed

Regulatory Standards

NEBS Level 3


UL 1950

Ordering Information


Part #

DS3 Cell Switch Module


Fully hot-swappable(ESD wrist strap required)

Full feature set available when a single multiplexer installed

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