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Bentonville, AR 72712

TEL: 479.273.6012 FX: 479.273.2927

P/N 203065, © The Whistler Group, Inc. 2004

















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If you have questions concerning the operation of this Whistler product please call:



Monday - Friday • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT

or visit our website www.whistlergroup.com

Please keep the receipt in a safe place.

You may register your product online at www.whistlergroup.com. For warranty verification purposes, a copy of your dated store receipt must still accompany any unit sent in for warranty work. If the unit is returned without a dated store receipt an out of warranty service charge applies.

Note: Your warranty period begins at the time of purchase. The warranty is validated only by the dated store receipt! Now is the time to record the serial number of the unit

in the space provided in the warranty section of the manual.


Dear Whistler Owner,

With the change in time also comes change in technology. Radar gun manufacturers have stepped up to the plate. The new arsenal they carry is called POPMode. This new gun is a normal K or Ka band radar gun detectable by most radar detectors made in the past 30 years, unless the gun is placed in POPMode. POPMode is a feature on some newer radar guns operating on K and Ka bands. When the gun is in POPMode and activated, a brief burst of energ y, less that 1/15 of a second, is transmitted and the vehicle’s speed i s quickly acquired. A detector without POPMode detection c a p a b i l i t y cannot respond to this brief transmission. This detector has the power to report this new gun where other detectors cannot! - until now!

Whistler introduces the Pro-3450with POPMode detection! The Pro-3450is the beginning in total protection. With POPMode detection, thePro-3450can react fast enough to detect this new technology. Packed with power you still have a full featured radar detector:


provides distinct visual confirmation of signals detected, signal strength, and indicates engaged modes of operation.


allows control panel to be mounted 3 different ways and viewed correctly.

Even though the Pro-3450is packed full of features, it’s still very easy to use. To fully utilize your unit to its potential, we re c o m m e n d reading this entire manual or visit our FAQ page on our web site

w w w.whistlergroup.com.

Enjoy your new Whistler and please drive safely.


The Whistler Group, Inc.

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Whistler Pro-3450

Power/Volume Button


(Optional) Voice Module

Dark Button


City Button

Quiet/Menu Button


Laser Module

Radar Antenna

W h i s t l e r’s ergonomic and user-friendlydesign provides a new level of operating convenience. Special features include:

• Speaker – P rovides distinct audio warnings for X, K, Ka band r a d a r, safety radar, laser and VG-2.

• Radar Antenna - Compact, high-efficiencyantenna receives radar signals.

• Laser Module - High gain optical lens provides increased sensitivity and field of view for leading-edgelaser detection.

N o t e : Specifications and appearance may change without notice.


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City/City 1/City 2 Mode – Reduces the annoyance of false a l e rts typically encountered in urban driving are a s .

Quiet/Menu Button - P ressing QUIET before a signal is detected engages Auto Quiet Mode which automatically reduces the audio level after the initial warning to a low audio level setting. Pressing QUIET during a radar/laser encounter silences audio alerts, while allowing visual alerts to keep you informed. Pressing and holding for 2 seconds allows you to enter Option Select Mode (see page 13).

P o w e r / Volume Control - Turnsuniton/offandadjustsaudiolevel.

Intense Blue Text Display - P rovides distinct visual confirm a t i o n of signals detected, signal strength, and indicates engaged modes of operation. The display can also be mounted 3

d i f e rent ways and displayed core c t l y.

Dim/Dark Mode– Reduces the illumination of the display. P ress and hold this button to momentarily display

t e m p e r a t u re / v o l t a g e .


Power On And Self-Test

Each time your Whistler detector is turned on, an automatic self-testsequence confirms that the speaker and visual displays are functional.

• Press P/V or apply Power. Display reads:















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Memory/Beep Confirmation

All features selected (except Stay Alert and Quiet) are retained in memory. Each time a button is pressed one beep confirms feature “on”, two beeps confirm feature


Audio Level Adjustment

The audio levels can be adjusted high to low, or low to high, in eight steps: (0) is no audio level, (7) the highest.

Press and hold P/V to increase audio level.

Press and hold P/V to decrease audio level.

As audio level is adjusted, beeps are provided and the display indicates volume level. Example:

• P ress and hold P / V and the volume will go to the max level (7), then proceed to lower the volume to level (0). Continuing to hold the P/V button will repeat the steps above.


Auto Quiet Mode

Auto Quiet reduces the selected audio level to level (1) approximately 5 seconds after a radar or safety radar signal is detected. The alert for any new signal within 20 seconds will resume at level (1). Auto Quiet does not affect VG-2or laser alerts.

• Press Quiet (before a signal is detected) to engage Auto Quiet. Display reads:

Once the Auto Quiet mode is engaged, you may cancel the audio alarm by pressing Quiet.

Press Quiet (when the unit is not alarming) to cancel Auto Quiet mode.

Note: When Auto Quiet engages, it cancels the audio to the optional Voice Module.

Quiet Mode

Quiet Mode cancels the audio during an alert and any new alert within 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, approximately 2 beeps are provided on any new alert and unit then remains quiet.

Press Quiet to cancel the audio.

Press Quiet a second time during an alert to restore the standard audio alert pattern; or turn the unit off, then on.















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Temperature/Voltage Mode

The unit can be programmed to display either the outside temperature or battery voltage along with Highway/City modes. See Option Select Mode. Display reads:

• Ice Warning Mode: When temperature drops to 32˚F display reads:

Unit then gives a unique warning tone. This will only happen once after the unit is first turned on. When either Hi T or Lo T is displayed the limits of the temperature sensor have been reached.

Note: Temperature may rise while vehicle is stopped and idling, this is normal.

Engaging/Disengaging VG-2

See option select mode to turn this feature on.

Note: Selecting “POP OFF” turns VG-2ON.


City/City 1/City 2 Mode

Whistler’s Three Stage City Mode is designed to reduce the annoyance of automatic door openers, intrusion alarms and other devices which share frequencies with police radar. Generally X band is used for these devices.

• P ress City to engage City. Display re a d s :

o r

• P ressing C i t y a second time engages City 1. Display reads:

o r

• P ressing City a third time engages City 2. Display re a d s :

o r

• P ressing C i t y a fourth time cancels City Modes and return s the unit to Highway Mode. Display re a d s :

o r

In City Mode, weak speed/safety radar signals give an initial a l a rmof two beeps, and then remains quiet unless the signal becomes very strong. When the signal strength increases, two additional beeps are provided. In City 1 Mode, only the X band sensitivity is lowered. City 1 & City 2 Modes operate the same as Highway Mode, but in City 1 Mode, only the X- band sensitivity is lowered. In City 2 Mode, X-bandis not detected.

C A U T I O N : When selecting this mode, some towns/small cities may still be using X band radar.

If Auto Quiet is engaged in City 1 or City2 modesandthe unit re c e i v e s a strong radar signal, the unit performs the Auto Quiet feature . City Modes do not change the audio alert for laser or VG-2.















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D i m / D a r k / Te m p e r a t u re / Voltage Modes

Dim/Dark Mode reduces the illumination of the display.

• P ress Dark to reduce illumination to a Dim setting. Display re a d s :

• P ressing Dark a second time engages Dark Mode. Display re a d s :

Dim or dark can be engaged during an alert. In Dark Mode, the display goes dark for as long as a signal is being detected and for 20 seconds after, then the display returns to the dimmer setting.

• P ressing Dark a third time re s t o res full illumination to the display.

The Dark Button will allow the display to momentarily switch to the outside temperature re a d i n g .

• P ress and hold Dark for 2 seconds until unit beeps once then release. Display switches:

t o

If Te m p e r a t u re or Battery Voltage is programmed (see Option Select Mode), pressing and holdingDark for 2 seconds will momentarily switch to the other reading. Example:

t o


H o r i z o n t a l / Ve rtical Viewing

The display can be mounted in 3 diff e rent ways and displayed correctly:

H o r i z o n t a l l y

Upside Down

Ve rt i c a l l y

See Option Select Mode on page 13 to change display viewing.















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Stay Alert™ Feature

The Stay Alert™ Feature is designed to test a driver’s alertness. To engage (when unit is not alarming):

• Press and hold City for 2 seconds. Display reads:

Within 30-60seconds two beeps are sounded; to show

a l e rtness, the driver must press either the Dark, City or Quiet button within 3-5seconds. If the button is pressed within3-5seconds, the cycle is re p e a t e d .

If a button was not pressed within 3-5seconds alarm sounds and the display re a d s :

• Press P/V to exit.

WA R N I N G ! ! ! Stay Alert™ is NOT intended as a substitute for adequate rest. You should NOT operate a vehicle if you are d ro w s y. During extended periods of vehicle operation, you should take frequent breaks. Improper reliance on the Stay A l e rt™ feature may result in vehicle damage, personal injury or death. NEVER OPERATE A VEHICLE IF YOU ARE D R O W S Y.

Integrated Real Voice®

When selected and Optional Voice Module is connected, Real Voice® will be used to articulate the following:

1.Band Identification

2.Safety Warning System™ messages

NOTE: In certain cases the voice message does not replicate the text message.

3. Feature Selection



Option Select Mode

Entering Option Select Mode allows you to customize options such as Tone Select, Real Voice®, Abbreviated Power Up Sequence test andVG-2Mode. When selecting options, Dark (D)=yes, City (C)=no, Quiet (Q)=next selection. Any one of these must be pressed within 20 seconds or options mode will automatically be exited. To enter:

Press Q:


To Change,








For 2 Seconds


D or C


Tone1, Tone 2






2nd time




X, K, Ka Audio tones



C = NO


1 beep during





Power Up

3rd time


D or C


Changes Temp






4th time




Temp ON



C = NO


Temp OFF

5th time




Battery Voltage ON



C = NO


Battery Voltage OFF

6th time




Turns POPMode ON



C = NO


Turns POPMode OFF






7th time


D = ON


Turns Safety Radar ON





Tu rns Safety Radar OFF

8th time


D = ON


Turns X Band ON





Turns X Band OFF

9th time


D = ON


Turns K Band ON





Turns K Band OFF





Pro-3450_OwnersManual.qxd3/15/04 4:30 PM Page 17


10th time


D = ON

Turns Ka Band ON




Turns Ka Band OFF

11th time

Laser ON

D = ON

Turns Laser ON




Turns Laser OFF

12th time

Voice OFF

D = ON

Real Voice® ON




Real Voice® OFF

13th time


D or C










*Factory settings.

Press and hold P/V twice anytime to exit. NOTE: Turning POPMode off, turns onVG-2.

Teach/Tutorial Mode

Provides simulated alerts for each type of signal.

• P ress City and Quiet simultaneously and release. Display re a d s :

Quiet mode can also be accessed while Teach/Tutorial mode is engaged.

• Press P/V to exit.

Voice Module Port

Allows you to use an optional Whistler Voice Module, Ord e r Code 202971 (See accessory page for ordering, option mode for programming). Any other device may damage the unit and void your warranty. When mute or auto quiet modes a re engaged, the audio will be cancelled to the voice port.

Rear Laser Port

Allows you to use an additional optional laser receiver for enhanced coverage for the rear of the vehicle. NOTE: Front and rear laser modual for front windsheild included.


Speed Radar Audio/Visual Alerts

When X, K or Ka is detected the band ID and signal strength is displayed. The audio alert is continuous and has a geiger counter-likepattern. The faster the beep the closer or stronger the radar source. Example:

1 = weak signal, 9 = strong signal

Pulse Protection®

When a pulse type signal (instant on strong signal) is detected an urgent 3 second audio warning is sounded and the display reads:

After 3 seconds standard alert pattern continues.















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Safety Warning System™ Text

Example: Poor Road Surface:

Note: Not all areas have Safety Warning System™ transmitters.

In communities where transmitters are located, the Safety Warning System™ displays over 60 text messages. When Safety Radar is detected the audio alert is geiger counter- l i k e .

Laser Audio/Visual Alerts

When a laser signal is detected the word “Laser” and signal strength is displayed, the audio alert is continuous for a minimum of 3 seconds. Example:

The more “|||” the closer the laser source.

An asterisk is displayed when the optional rear antenna receives a signal. Example:


VG-2Audio/Visual Alerts

Note: You must turn POP feature OFF in option select mode before it will detect VG-2.

When a VG-2signal is detected, the detector “hides” its own radiated signal and becomes undetectable by theVG-2.

Text message confirms detection of VG-2.

E v e ry30 seconds, the detector checks for a VG-2signal. If aVG-2signal is still present, the unit continues to hide and repeats theVG-2alert. If no signal is detected, two beeps a re provided, indicating an “all clear” condition. DuringVG-2A l e rt X, K, and Ka band signals cannot be received. Having a laser/radar detector does not make you invisible and immune to laser/radar guns. As in the case with detectinginstant-on

r a d a r, there are some circumstances that the VG-2may detect you laser/radar detector before the laser/radar can detect theVG-2signal in time to hide. (Refere n c e page XX for Radar Detector ‘Detector’ information.)

Alert Priority

When two or more signals are received at the same time, the alert priority is:



3.Speed Radar

4.Safety Radar


If X band is alerting, then suddenly VG-2is detected, theVG-2warning will override the X band alert.