Radio Shack PIP8 User Manual

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PiP8 layout

iPodTM Stand

folded speaker

open speaker

Figure 1

PiP8 instructions

1. Open the battery compartment located on the back of the speaker. Insert 6 AAbatteries. Note: you may also power the PiP8 using the included AC adapter.

2. For using the PiP8 with your iPodTM simply

attach the included stand to the front of the speakers. The stand will snap into the 2 holes on the front of the speaker. (see figure 1)

3.Move the power switch located on the top of the speaker to the "on" position. The LED will confirm the speaker is powered on.

4.Unwrap the speaker cable from the PiP8 and plug it in to your audio device of choice.

5.Always power the speaker "off", when not in use.

6.For protection, store your PiP8 in the included protective carrying case.

Technical Support:

Problem: Speaker will not power on?

Solution: Confirm batteries are inserted properly.

Solution: Replace batteries.

Problem: I get no sound from the PiP8 ?

Solution: Confirm power is on.

Solution: Check volume of audio device.

Solution: Confirm audio device is connected properly.

I cannot find a retailer who sells the optional AC


If the retailer you purchased your PiP8 does not carry the optional AC adapter please visit:

For further technical support please contact:


The PiP8 provides high quality sound in a compact, foldable design. The PiP8 is fully compatible with iPodTM, iPodTM mini, iPodTM shuffle, MP3,CD players and any other audio device with a 3.5mmmini-jackaudio output. Take your portable audio devices wherever you go. PiP8 can be powered using the included

AC adapter or take it to go using 6 "AA" batteries. PiP8 brings BIG sound in a compact, travel friendly design.


Battery or AC powered

iPodTM/MP3 compatible

4 High quality drivers

Folds for easy storage

Free protective case


Instruction Manual