JL Audio Stealthbox VR690-CXi User Manual

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I N S T A L L A T I O N G U I D E for the


(2003-UpNissan Murano)

This Stealthbox is a product which requires professional installation skills and tools.

Please read this installation guide thoroughly before beginning the project. It will guide you step by step through the installation. Several of the steps in this process may require two people to accomplish.

It is absolutely vital that the enclosure be properly mounted to the vehicle according to these instructions. Failure to mount the enclosure properly presents two problems: 1) The sub-bassperformance will suffer due to the movement of the enclosure caused by the force exerted by the woofer(s) and 2) A loose enclosure presents a serious safety hazard in the event of a collision or sudden deceleration.

Please enjoy your JL Audio Stealthbox responsibly.



STEP 1: Remove all contents, rubber flooring,

STEP 2: Open the cargo flooring and hook it

STEP 3: a)With a Phillips® screw driver,

cargo shade and lower the rear seats.

to the upper lip of the tailgate opening.

remove the driver’s side cargo pocket.


Remove the organizer tray, wooden board,

b)Unsnap the wiring harness that is running


factory woofer enclosure, spare tire and the


from front to back, on the floor.


driver’s side cargo pocket cover.












STEP 4: This picture is looking from the backseats to the tailgate opening, showing the tailgate sill plate.

To remove the sill plate; Pop out the middle of these three tabs and then pull out the outer piece from the sill plate.

STEP 5: With a small flat blade; pop out the oval plastic cover of the tailgate sill plate, that is located under the tailgate hook latch.

The sill plate now can be lifted up and removed out of the vehicle.

STEP 6: Look to the front left of the cargo area for the two factory bolts that are securing a black plate to the floor.

Remove the left side bolt only.

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STEP 7: There is a largeL-bracketthat is already mounted to the rear of the Stealthbox®.This L- bracket needs to be unmounted, flipped around and remounted.The picture above shows the large L- bracket properly mounted, with the woofer facing down.

STEP 8: a)Place a supplied 3/8” lock washer and 3/8” flat washer onto a3/8”-16x1-1/4” hex bolt. Using this bolt assembly, secure the supplied small L-bracket onto the front of the Stealthbox®, as is in the picture above.

b)With the Stealthbox® placed into the cargo area. Run speaker wire from the amplifier location to the Stealthbox’s® wire terminal and secure.

STEP 9: Place the Stealthbox® into position.The speaker terminal needs to face to the front of the vehicle.

Position the factory wiring harness around the outside of the front right corner of the Stealthbox®.

STEP 10: Tuck the rear of the factory harness under the right rear corner.The harness needs to pass between the woofer and the rearL-bracket.

*Make sure that the harness is not under the woofer*.

STEP 11: To access this mounting location; enter the vehicle via the driver’s side rear passenger door, lift up the flooring that is laying on the second row seat.

Place a supplied 1/4” Flat Washer onto the 8mmx35mmx1.25” Hex Bolt.

Line up the angle bracket mounting hole to the factory bolt hole. Place the bolt assembly through the angle bracket and thread into the factory bolt hole. Do not tightly secure.

STEP 12: With Stealthbox loosely mounted in the front, use the rearL-bracketmounting hole as a drill guide.


Before drilling, make sure that you are not going to be drilling into any gas lines, brake lines, transmission lines, electrical wiring or anything else that might cause a reduction in your weekly pay. Always wear eye protection when drilling.

With the use of a 3/8” drill bit and drill. Drill out the floor.

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SB - N - MURAN/10W1v2, JL AUDIO, Inc 2006


























STEP 13: With the supplied hardware, place a 3/8” Flat Washer onto the 3/8” hex bolt. Place the bolt assembly through the angle bracket and drilled hole, from inside the vehicle.

From the underside of the vehicle, place a

3/8” Fender Washer, 3/8” Flat Washer, 3/8” Lock Washer and the 3/8”-16Hex Nut onto the protruding bolt. Secure tightly.

Now, tightly secure the front mounting bolt assembly, from STEP11.

STEP 14: Not pictured: Place the spare tire, hardboard and hold down wing threaded rod back into place.

The picture above is the under side of the driver’s side rear cargo pocket floor, that was removed in


Remove the three positing tabs, indicated by the white arrows.

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STEP 15: a) Lower the flooring back into position, fromSTEP 2.

b)Place the driver’s side floor cargo pocket panel back into place. Pick up the left side of the panel and stand it up on it’s right edge, just right of the pair of the round dual lock fastener. As shown in the picture above.

c)Mark the under side of the floor panel, of the location of the round dual lock fastener.














Included Hardware:





1/4” USS Flat Washer





3/8”-16x1-1/4”Hex Bolt





3/8” Split Lock Washer

STEP 16: a) Flip over the side floor panel.


STEP 17: Snap the driver’s side rear cargo pocket


#6x3/8” Philip® Head Screws



3/8”-16x1-3/4”Hex Bolt

Measure 1-1/2”from the outside left edge to the


cover into place.



3/8” Flat Washer

right.This measurement needs to line up with the






3/8” x 1-1/4”Fender Washer

round dual lock fastener position markings







made in STEP 15. Mark the final location.






3/8”-16Hex Nut




b) With the pair of supplied round dual lock fasten-



1) 8mmx35mmx1.25” Hex Bolt

er and the pair of #6x3/8” Phillips® screws. Mount



2) Round Dual Lock Fastener

the round dual lock fastener to the under side of





the floor panel at the markings.





Difficulty Of Installation:


Enclosure Type: Sealed

Driver Type: 10W1v2-4

Nominal Impedance: 4Ω

Cont. Power Handling: 150Watts

JL Audio recommends using a high quality amplifier such as the JL Audio e2150. The diagram below shows the recommended crossover, infrasonic filter and equalizer settings for the e2150 when being used to power your Stealthbox®.

Mid/High Frequency Driver Information:

Front Location Driver Size:


Applicable JL Audio Products:




Rear Location Driver Size:




Applicable JL Audio Products:


TR,VR & XR650-CXi


The JL Audio e2150 is a very versatile audio component. Please consult the owner’s manual for detailed information about installing and tuning this amplifier.


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