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Some countries require full disclosure of recorded telephone conversations, and stipulate that you must inform the person with whom you are speaking that the conversation is being recorded. Always obey the relevant laws and regulations of your country when using the recording feature of your Pocket PC Phone.


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Important Health Information and Safety Precautions

When using this product, the safety precautions below must be taken to avoid possible legal liabilities and damages.

Retain and follow all product safety and operating instructions. Observe all warnings in the operating instructions on the product.

To reduce the risk of bodily injury, electric shock, fire, and damage to the equipment, observe the following precautions.


This product is intended for use when supplied with power from the designated battery or power supply unit. Other usage may be dangerous and will invalidate any approval given to this product.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER GROUNDING INSTALLATION CAUTION: Connecting to an improperly grounded equipment can result in an electric shock to your device.

This product is equipped with an USB Cable for connecting with desktop or notebook computer. Be sure your computer is properly grounded (earthed) before connecting this product to the computer.The power supply cord of a desktop or notebook computer has an equipment-groundingconductor and a grounding plug.The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet which is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.


Use the correct external power source

A product should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the electrical ratings label. If you are not sure of the type of power source required, consult your authorized service provider or local power company. For a product that operates from battery power or other sources, refer to the operating instructions that are included with the product.


Handle battery packs carefully

This product contains a Li-ionbattery.There is a risk of fire and burns if the battery pack is handled improperly. Do not attempt to open or service the battery pack. Do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts or circuits, dispose of in fire or water, or expose a battery pack to temperatures higher than 60˚C (140˚F).

WARNING: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.To reduce risk of fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts, expose to temperature above 60˚C (140˚F), or dispose of in fire or water. Replace only with specified batteries. Recycle or dispose of used batteries according to the local regulations or reference guide supplied with your product.


Keep this product away from excessive moisture and extreme temperatures. Do not leave the product or its battery inside a vehicle or in places where the temperature may exceed 60°C (140°F), such as on a car dashboard, window sill, or behind a glass that is exposed to direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet light for extended periods of time.This may damage the product, overheat the battery, or pose a risk to the vehicle.


CAUTION: Permanent hearing loss may occur if earphones or headphones are used at high volume for prolonged periods of time.

NOTE: For France, mobile headphones or earphones (manufactured by Merry, model number EMC220) for this device have been tested to comply with the Sound Pressure Level requirement laid down in NF EN 50332- 1:2000 standard as required by French Article L.5232-1.



Due to the possible interference caused by this product to an aircraft’s navigation system and its communications network, using this device’s phone function on board an airplane is against the law in most countries. If you want to use this device when on board an aircraft, remember to turn off the phone by switching to Flight Mode.


Do not use this product in gas stations, fuel depots, chemical plants or where blasting operations are in progress, or in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as fuelling areas, fuel storehouses, below deck on boats, fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities, and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders. Please be aware that sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or even death.


When in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere or where flammable materials exist, the product should be turned off and the user should obey all signs and instructions. Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or even death. Users are advised not to use the equipment at refueling points, such as service or gas stations, and are reminded of the need to observe restrictions on the use of radio equipment in fuel depots, chemical plants, or where blasting operations are in progress. Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always, clearly marked. These include fueling areas, below deck on boats, fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities, and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders.


Vehicle drivers in motion are not permitted to use telephony services with handheld devices, except in the case of emergency. In some countries, using hands-freedevices as an alternative is allowed.



Avoid using your device near metal structures (for example, the steel frame of a building).

Avoid using your device near strong electromagnetic sources, such as microwave ovens, sound speakers,TV and radio.

Use only original manufacturer-approvedaccessories, or accessories that do not contain any metal.

Use of non-originalmanufacturer-approvedaccessories may violate your local RF exposure guidelines and should be avoided.


This product may cause medical equipment to malfunction.The use of this device is forbidden in most hospitals and medical clinics.

If you use any other personal medical device, consult the manufacturer of your device to determine if it is adequately shielded from external RF energy.Your physician may be able to assist you in obtaining this information.

Turn the phone OFF in health care facilities when any regulations posted in these areas instruct you to do so. Hospitals or health care facilities may be using equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy.


Some digital wireless phones may interfere with some hearing aids. In the event of such interference, you may want to consult your service provider, or call the customer service line to discuss alternatives.


This product should be operated in the suggested normal condition only to ensure the radiative performance and safety of the interference. As with other mobile radio transmitting equipment, users are advised that for satisfactory operation of the equipment and for the safety of personnel, it is recommended that no part of the human body be allowed to come too close to the antenna during operation of the equipment.



Heed service markings

Except as explained elsewhere in the Operating or Service documentation, do not service any product yourself. Service needed on components inside the device should be done by an authorized service technician or provider.

Damage requiring service

Unplug the product from the electrical outlet and refer servicing to an authorized service technician or provider under the following conditions:

Liquid has been spilled or an object has fallen into the product.

The product has been exposed to rain or water.

The product has been dropped or damaged.

There are noticeable signs of overheating.

The product does not operate normally when you follow the operating instructions.

Avoid hot areas

The product should be placed away from heat sources, such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other products (including amplifiers) that produce heat.

Avoid wet areas

Never use the product in a wet location.

Avoid using your device after a dramatic change in temperature

When you move your device between environments with very different temperature and/or humidity ranges, condensation may form on or within the device.To avoid damaging the device, allow sufficient time for the moisture to evaporate before using the device.

NOTE: When taking the device fromlow-temperatureconditions into a warmer environment or fromhigh-temperatureconditions into a cooler environment, allow the device to acclimate to room temperature before turning on the power.


Avoid pushing objects into product

Never push objects of any kind into cabinet slots or other openings in the product. Slots and openings are provided for ventilation.These openings must not be blocked or covered.

Mounting Accessories

Do not use the product on an unstable table, cart, stand, tripod, or bracket. Any mounting of the product should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and should use a mounting accessory recommended by the manufacturer.

Avoid unstable mounting

Do not place the product with an unstable base.

Use product with approved equipment

This product should be used only with personal computers and options identified as suitable for use with your equipment.

Adjust the volume

Turn down the volume before using headphones or other audio devices.


Unplug the product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning, but NEVER use water to clean the LCD screen.