Cisco Systems PIX 506 User Manual
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Quick Start Guide

Cisco PIX 506/506E Firewall

Quick Start Guide

For Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.2 and PDMVersion 2.0

1 About the Cisco PIX 506/506E Firewall 2

2 Check Items Included 3

3 Connect the Cables 4

4 Power On the PIX 506/506E 5

5 Check the LEDs 6

6 Configuring the PIX 506/506E 7

7 PDM Startup Wizard 8 8 Alternative Ways to Access the PIX 506/506E10 9 Upgrade to DES or 3DES 11

10 Restore the Default Configuration 12

1 About the Cisco PIX 506/506E


The PIX 506/506E delivers enterprise-classsecurity for remote office/branch office environments in a robust, reliable security appliance. Ideal for securing Internet connections for remote/branch offices, the PIX 506/506E, part of themarket-leadingCisco PIX Firewall Series, provides a wide range of rich security capabilities and remote management capabilities in acost-effective,high-performancesolution:



















Stateful inspection security based on state-of-the-artAdaptive Security Algorithm (ASA)

Supports over 100 predefined applications, services, and protocols for flexible access control

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for secure remote network access using IKE/IPSec standards

Intrusion protection from over 55 different network-basedattacks

URL filtering of outbound web traffic via industry-leading,third-partyURL filtering products

Hardware Features

External power supply

200-MHz(PIX506)/300-MHz(PIX 506E) processor

32-MBRAM,8-MBFlash memory

1 autosensing 10BaseT Ethernet port for an outside connection to the Internet (port 0)

1 autosensing 10BaseT Ethernet port for a connection to your internal network

Serial console port for administrative access

Front panel LEDs for appliance and link status

20-Mbpscleartext firewall throughput

10 Mbps (PIX 506)/16 Mbps (PIX 506E) VPN throughput (3DES/SHA1)

Software Features

Supports PIX Firewall version 6.2 a secure, purpose-builtembedded operating system

Includes plug-and-playdefault configuration for simplified installation

Includes Cisco PIX Device Manager (PDM) for intuitive, web-basedadministration of PIX Firewalls

Internal DHCP server supports up to 256 DHCP address leases

Supports up to 5 remote access, or site-to-site,VPN peers

Supports 56-bitDES and168-bit3DES, with optional licenses. Referto“Upgrade to DES or 3DES” for more information.