Cisco Systems BC-281 User Manual

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Configuring Data-LinkSwitching Plus

This chapter describes how to configure data-linkswitching plus (DLSw+), Cisco’s implementation of the DLSw standard for Systems Network Architecture (SNA) and NetBIOS devices. Refer to theDLSw+ Design and Implementation Guide for more complex configuration instructions. For a complete description of the DLSw+ commands mentioned in this chapter, refer to the “DLSw+ Commands” chapter of theCisco IOS Bridging and IBM Networking Command Reference (Volume 1 of 2). To locate documentation of other commands that appear in this chapter, use the command reference master index or search online.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Technology Overview, page 281

DLSw+ Configuration Task List, page 288

Verifying DLSw+, page 310

Monitoring and Maintaining the DLSw+ Network, page 311

DLSw+ Configuration Examples, page 312

To identify the hardware platform or software image information associated with a feature, use the Feature Navigator on to search for information about the feature or refer to the software release notes for a specific release. For more information, see the “Identifying Platform Support for Cisco IOS Software Features” section on page lv in the “Using Cisco IOS Software” chapter.

Technology Overview

DLSw+ is a method of transporting SNA and NetBIOS. It complies with the DLSw standard documented in RFC 1795 and the DLSw Version 2 standard. DLSw+ is an alternative to RSRB that addresses several inherent problems that exist in RSRB, such as:

SRB hop-countlimits (SRB’s limit is seven)

Broadcast traffic (including SRB explorer frames or NetBIOS name queries)

Unnecessary traffic (acknowledgments and keepalives)

Data-linkcontrol timeouts



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