Cisco Systems 880 Series User Manual
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Installing Memory and Power Over Ethernet in Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Routers

Warning Before working on a system that has an on/off switch, turn OFF the power and unplug the power cord. Statement 1

This document describes how to install memory and Power over Ethernet (PoE) in a Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Router (ISR). It contains the following sections:

Safety Warnings

Installing Main Memory

Installing Power Over Ethernet

Opening the Chassis

Closing the Chassis

Note Memory and PoE are the only upgradable options in the Cisco 880 Series ISR. Do not remove or install any other internal module.

Safety Warnings

Warning This equipment must be grounded. Never defeat the ground conductor or operate the equipment in the absence of a suitably installed ground conductor. Contact the appropriate electrical inspection authority or an electrician if you are uncertain that suitable grounding is available. Statement 1024

Warning Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning activity. Statement 1001

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