BT BF900 User Manual

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BF900 multifunctional plain paper fax

User guide

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(Proof of purchase is required for warranty purposes, so please keep your receipt)

Please open this page for an ‘at a glance’ guide to

your BF900 multifunctional fax machine.

At a glance

At a glance

Control panels

Resolution. Lets you adjust the resolution for documents you are scanning, printing and copying.

Mode. Lets you set the machine to receive telephone or fax calls.


One Touch buttons. Lets you dial up to 64 stored numbers at the touch of a single buttons. No’s25-32can alternatively be used as Group Dial buttons, each button holding up to 40 phone numbers per group.

Function. Lets you select from the

Options and Programming menus.

Pause/Redial. Redials the last number. Inserts a pause into a number stored in the directory.

Speed Dial. Used for dialling numbers stored in the directory.

Hook. Lets you dial numbers from either the

BF900’s keypad or an attached telephone.

Allows dialling to be heard through loudspeaker.

Recall. Used when connected to a switchboard.

Journal. Displays confirmation report details of documents which have been sent, including the session number, telephone number or ID and whether the transaction was successful or not. (PressCOPY for a print out of each individual report.)

Tel/Dir. Lest you access and dial numbers in the directory.

Photo. Sets the ideal resolution if you are faxing photographs or shaded drawings.

Type Org. Lets you adjust the contrast for documents you are sending.

Schedule. Displays details of documents yet to be sent and which are stored in the memory.

FF Prints PC documents held in memory.

On-Line Indicates that a PC printer ison-line.


Green memory light. Comes on when documents are stored in the memory.

Red alarm light. Comes on if there is a problem such as a paper jam. Goes off when you press the STOP button.

Copy. Press to start copying a document loaded in the Document Feeder Tray.

Stop. Stops any operation currently in progress and returns the machine to standby.


Start. Press to start scanning, faxing

or copying a document loaded in the

Document Feeder Tray.

Enter. Press to select the menu option you want.


Clears information from the LCD display. Allows switching from pulse to tone dialling.



At a glance

Document receive tray

Receives the original document after it has been scanned, faxed or copied.

Optional handset socket

Not for use in the UK.

Cover release button

Press to open the cover for clearing document jams and installing the drum and toner cartridge.

Power On/Off

Serial port

Lets you connect a PC for sending and receiving faxes to screen and for printing. Requires an appropriate PC-FAXsoftware package or GDI printer driver. (Cable available as an optional extra).

Blanked telephone socket

This socket not used in the UK.

Telephone line cord socket

Plug in the telephone line cord here.

Control panel

Manual paper feed

Lets you insert single sheets of paper, by hand, for printing.

Parallel port

Document feeder tray

Place documents face down, ready for scanning, faxing or copying.

Adjust the paper guides to fit the width of your document.

Printed document tray

Receives the newly printed document.

Plain paper cassette

Holds up to 150 page of A4, letter size or legal size plain paper.

When empty lift up to save space.

Power cable socket

Cooling fan

Lets you connect a PC for printing.


In this guide

In this guide

At a glance




Setting up


Using the BF900


Additional features


Connecting to a PC for printing,


scanning and faxing


Connecting to a switchboard


Optional extras






Technical specification


Technical information




Hints, tips and important information

In this user guide we’ve included helpful tips, useful notes and important information shown in grey boxes.



Introduction Your BF900 multifunctional, plain paper fax machine is designed for ease of use and made to the high

standards set by BT.

Thank you for choosing a BT product. Your BF900 is Millennium compliant and you can expect it to provide many years of quality service.

Please read these instructions carefully before use and keep this user guide for future reference.

Check that your BF900 is complete. When you unpack, you should have:

BF900 fax machine.

Toner cartridge (in box).

Drum cartridge (in box).

Accessories (in carton):

document feeder tray

document receive tray

printed document tray

telephone line cord

mains power cable with plug attached

user guide.

Customer Helpline

If you have any problems with your BF900, call the BT Helpline number on your BF900.


As this is a mains powered product it is normal that it will produce a certain amount of heat. Whilst this is entirely safe we would advise against placing this product on antique, veneered or wooden surfaces as damage to those surfaces may result.


Do not block or cover any of the openings on the machine.

Avoid placing your BF900 in direct sunlight, beside an air conditioner or where it is dusty or damp.

If you have a problem with the machine, do not try to repair it yourself. Call the BT Helpline number on your BF900.

Electrical storm warning

We advise you to disconnect your BF900 during electrical storms as there is a slight chance it could be damaged.

If a fault occurs during the 12 month warranty period due to accidental or wilful damage (including lightning and electrical damage) BT will not replace or repair the equipment free of charge. If any damage of this nature occurs, please claim against your home insurance.


Setting up

Setting upfollow these steps to get your BF900 ready to use.

When setting up refer to ‘At a glance’ on page 1 for location of sockets and buttons.

Remove the adhesive strips securing the control panel and plain paper cassette.

With the ‘L’ mark to the left and the ‘R’ mark to the right, line up the drum cartridge with the slots on the inside of your BF900, as indicated by the green labels inside the machine, and slide the whole cartridge down into place.

1 Insert the drum and toner cartridges

Press the cover release button and open the top of your BF900.

Cover release button

Unpack the drum cartridge.


Do not touch the green drum with your fingers.

Unpack the toner cartridge.

Hold the cartridge in both hands and shake well, using a rocking motion as illustrated.


Setting up

Hold the toner cartridge by its handle, ensuring the printed instructions on the cartridge unit are facing you, and line up the pins at each corner with the slots on the inside of your BF900.


Push the toner cartridge down until it clicks into place. Lay the handle down flat.

Close the cover, pushing it down until it clicks into place.

2 Install the Document Receive Tray

Insert the two tabs into place on the back of your BF900. If using larger, legal size paper, lift the flap in the Document Receive Tray.

You need this flap up for A4 paper.


3 Install the Printed Document Tray

4 Install the Document Feeder Tray

Insert the two tabs into place directly below the control panel on the front of your BF900.


5 Plug in the telephone line cord

Connect to the right hand socket marked LINE on the side of the machine.

Line cord

Setting up

6 Plug in the mains power cable

Make sure the power switch on the side of the machine is set to O (OFF).

Plug the other end of the telephone line cord into the telephone socket.

If you do not have a modern socket, call Freefone 0800 800 150 and ask for a BT engineer to come and fit the correct socket. This is a chargeable service.

Connect the mains lead to the back of the machine.

Connect the 3-pinplug to the mains power.

7 Plug in the PC cables (optional)

Insert the end of the printer cable and PC FAX RS232C cable into the connectors on the back of the machine. The PC cable is an optional extra, please see page 46 for details.


Setting up

8 Plug in a telephone

If you wish, you can connect a telephone to the same line as your BF900. Connect the telephone cord to the line adaptor on your BF900 telephone line cord. The phone will work whether your BF900 is connected to the mains power or not.

Telephone line cord

Open the cover and pull out the extender.



Load paper into the tray.

9 Load the paper cassette tray

Push the cassette tray to lower it flat.

Adjust the extender to fit the paper length.

Close the cover then adjust the paper guide on the right hand side to fit the paper width.