AOpen CRW9420 User Manual
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1. Overview

The Multimedia Printer Series Drive (the CD-R/RWDrive) can do much more than read and write the usualCD-Rdiscs. When you load it with a rewritableCD-RWdisc, you can record, read, and edit any kind of data, because these discs allow you to rewrite information that has already been recorded.

2. Features

1.Running OPC*1 gives a flatter writing signal that improves reliability.

2.An improved anti-heatdesign means that no cooling fan is needed.

3.Easy-to-usetray model.

4.Uses the world standard E-IDE(ATAPI) interface.

5.Can read not only CD-RandCD-RWdiscs, but also video CDs, music CDs, and photo CDs.

6.Can read data at 20x speed (3.00MB/sec. Data transfer rate) and write data at 4x speed (600KB/sec. Data transfer rate).

7.The recorded CD-RWmedia can be played in a DVD player or multimediaCD-ROMplayer, maintaining future compatibility.

8.Supports packet write for easy writing to CD-RandCD-RWdiscs.

* Continuously monitors the signal level during recording and adjusts the laser power to compensate when the disc is dirty, insuring a flat signal.



1. Basic Construction

The Compact Disc Recorder/ Rewriter Drive: MP7040A consists of following parts.

The Compact Disc Recorder/ Rewriter Driver’s configuration, Function

Block Diagram and Connector are shown below;

Fig. 1 Compact Disc Rewritable Drive configuration


2. Connector

The Connectors are located as shown below. The function of each parts are also described below.

Fig. 2 Front

Fig. 3 Back


2.1 Disc Tray

This is the tray for the disc. Place the disc on the ejected disc tray, then lightly push the tray (or push the eject button) and the CD will be loaded.

Caution: Don' t use force to pull out or push in the disc tray. This might cause damage to the loading section of the drive.

2.2 Eject Button

This is the button used to eject or bring in the disc tray.

2.3 Busy Indicator

When the disc tray or disc is being accessed, the light shines or flashes orange.

Even when a disc is loaded or a disc is not being accessed, the light go out.

When an illegal disc is loaded or some hardware trouble occurs, the indicator blinks.

2.4 Headphone Jack

This jack is for connecting headphones or mini-speakers.

2.5 Volume Control

This is used to adjust the output volume of the headphone jack. It can't be used to adjust the output volume for the audio output connectors on the rear panel.

2.6 Emergency Eject hole

When the drive can not eject the Disc Tray because of power failure, pushing the Emergency Eject hole of the Front Panel by the thin pole make drive be able to eject the Disc Tray.

Caution: This function is only for emergency case. Do not use this function in usual case to prevent from mechanical damage.

2.7 Power Connector