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Alcatel-LucentVitalQIP Appliance Manager

End-to-end,feature rich,appliance-basedDNS/DHCP and IP address management

Streamline management and cut administrative costs with Alcatel-Lucent’sVitalQIP Appliance Manager

VitalQIP is a next generation solution for automating address management services across IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

In today’s complex networking world, it is critical to have reliable, secure low cost address allocation and management software that keeps an enterprise network running smoothly every day.

The VitalQIP Appliance Manager provides a seamless, cost effective way to deploy and maintain VitalQIP DNS/DHCP and IP Address Management software on an integrated appliance platform that includes customized remotes and automated software upgrade and monitoring


Fully integrated with the market leading VitalQIP software:

νEverything that’s needed for a fully-integrated,end-to-endappliance solution for VitalQIP software

νAutomated deployment of critical IP name and address services

νSimplified software upgrades and centralized deployment and monitoring of IPAM, DNS, DHCP, and other services

νSecure services with hardened OS (RedHat Linux) preloaded onto the appliances

νStreamlined management which cuts administrative costs

Alcatel-Lucentl VitalQIP Appliance Manager

Alcatel-Lucentis a proven global provider of market leading IT management solutions. Our solutions can maximize profitability and productivity and help you leverage IT investment for a competitive advantage.Alcatel-Lucent’saward-winningVitalQIP software is used today by more than 850 customers worldwide, including over 50% of the Fortune 100 companies.

Alcatel-Lucent l VitalQIP Appliance Manager


IP name and address services are essential to service availability and end user performance capabilities. If end users are unable to obtain an IP address, they can’t communicate or complete tasks essential to your business success. If application host names are not quickly resolved by programs in end users’ PCs, connecting to these applications and other services is difficult if not impossible.

Consolidating all IP address information in a single location ensures that your geographically dispersed network administrators can access the same IP database. This eliminates duplication

of administrative effort and allows you to maintain a consistent IP inventory networkwide. Administrative efficiency is also increased from hosting IP address management services such as DNS and DHCP on specialized hardware appliance platforms while improving security and uptime.

The VitalQIP Appliance Manager offers the latest multi-coreIntel-basedarchitecture combined with the hardened Red Hat Linux® operating system as well as aweb-basedgraphical user interface (GUI) that is used to seamlessly manage deployment, apply patches and upgrades, and monitor IPAM, DNS, DHCP and other services.

Vitalqip appliance management software

The centralized VitalQIP Appliance Management Software (AMS) maintains an inventory of software packages and appliances and is easily launched from the VitalQIP web-basedGUI. Also included for security is atoken-basedappliance authentication process.

Deployment, upgrades and maintenance is simplified by configuring services on the AMS GUI before deployment and by logically grouping the appliances. Remote services, such as DNS and DHCP, can also be upgraded to the latest software version across many appliances with

a few simple clicks. If there are issues with an upgrade, an administrator can roll back to a previous version of the service since a record of upgrades is maintained in the AMS for each appliance.

Administrators have centralized access and a view of the entire appliance network via the monitoring section of AMS.This centralized control gives administrators quick and easy access to all log and configuration files, remote start and stop of services on appliances, and the ability to quickly take any appliance offline for suspicious behavior as well as reboot appliances from a central location, saving travel costs and time.

Alcatel-Lucentl VitalQIP Appliance Manager


The Alcatel-LucentVitalQIP Appliance Manager:

ν Centralizes the definition of IP addresses and distributed network services such as DNS and DHCP via a single system. This is key to effectively managingnetwork-wideIP information.

ν Configures remote DNS and DHCP appliances using centralized data, improving administrator productivity while reducing errors.

ν Prevents administrators from having to individually access each and every remote machine.

νPerforms appliance management using the central console that includes the Appliance Management Software (AMS).


The VitalQIP Appliance Manager is offered on both standard and high-performance/redundant hardware configurations to meet the specific requirements of your network. The VitalQIP Appliance Manager 1000 Platform is designed for typical enterprise remote applications while the VitalQIP Appliance Manager 5000 Platform is targeted for demanding environments and provides NEBS compliance.

1000 Platform

5000 Platform

Powered by a high performance Intel® Core2 Duo processor on a 1U form factor platform.

Powered by two 64-bitdual core Intel® Xeon® processors in aNEBS-3compliant 1U form factor platform with mirrored RAID 1 and dual power supplies.

Example VitalQIP Appliance Configuration


Building 1






ESM 5000







Building 3


Building 2









AMM 5000 Running


Remote Services Running

Remote Services


on Appliances or Servers




Building 4


Building 5







Remote Services Running


AMM 1000 Running


Remote Services

on Appliances or Servers




Alcatel-Lucent l VitalQIP Appliance Manager

Summary of Features and Benefits


ν Integration with the market leading VitalQIP software

νCentralized appliance management data store to keep track of services and status of remote appliances

νAutomated software upgrade capability with rollback options

νHighly secure communication between AMS and appliances with unique appliance key generation

νLogical grouping of appliances for ease of upgrades

νSoftware version history maintained per appliance in AMS

νRemote start/stop/initialize of services

νHigh availability using heartbeat and virtual address mechanism

νRetrieval of log/config files from appliances

ν Connect, configure and go model for appliance activation


νIndustry’s highest performance DHCP server – enabling rapid IP address assignment for the delivery of robust IP services

νVitalQIP DNS server (BIND 9 based) – enabling rapid address resolution

ν VitalQIP SNMP Service

ν NTP Service for time synchronization among appliances


νSecurity hardened version of Red Hat Linux OS

νLimited port access

νUnique secret key exchanged between centralized software and each appliance for authentication

νAuthorized appliance access is granted by centralized AMS administrator

VitalQIP Appliance Performance – A Price Performance Leading Solution


AMM 5000:

AMM 1000:


NEBS compliant with RAID 1 and


Standard appliance


dual power supplies



Leases per second



Queries per second



Alcatel-Lucentl VitalQIP Appliance Manager

The VitalQIP Appliance Manager includes the Appliance Management Software (AMS), the Enterprise Server Module (ESM) and the Appliance Management Module (AMM). The AMS is used to manage the appliances in the network. The ESM provides the VitalQIP Enterprise Services, such as the IP Address Management functions, user interface and centralized database support. The AMM provides VitalQIP Remote Services, including DNS, DHCP, SNMP and other services. The AMS is available on an appliance and can also be downloaded and installed on existing hardware.

The hardware/software configuration options are summarized in the table below:


Full Name



Hardware Platform


VitalQIP Appliance

Management Station

N/A – see below for



Management Software



by customer


VitalQIP Appliance




AMS 1000

Management Software

Management Station


Model 1000






ESM 1000

VitalQIP Enterprise

Standard Enterprise


Model 1000


Server Module 1000






NEBS compliant



ESM 5000

VitalQIP Enterprise

Enterprise Server


Model 5000


Server Module 5000

(AC or DC power)




VitalQIP Appliance




AMM 1000

Management Module

Standard remotes


Model 1000







VitalQIP Appliance




AMM 5000

Management Module

NEBS compliant remotes


Model 5000



(AC or DC power)



Alcatel-Lucentleverages innovations from Bell Labs and experience and expertise from Worldwide Services to provide high performing and highly scalable solutions that increase IT staff productivity by enabling user technology, and ensure network and applications performance for improved service availability.

To learn more about these and other management solutions, contact your Alcatel-Lucentsales representative, authorized reseller or sales agent. You can also visit our web site at

Alcatel-Lucent l VitalQIP Appliance Manager

Alcatel-LucentVitalQIP Appliance Manager

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