Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU User Manual

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1655 AMU Access

Multiplexer Universal

Cost-effective,STM-1/4/16multiservice metro access

The Alcatel-Lucent1655 Access Multiplexer Universal (AMU) is a compact,high-densityaccess multiplexer that cost effectively delivershigh-valueservices for service providers and enterprises. Meeting multiservice needs with one platform, it supports both Ethernet and TDM over existing SDH networks, avoiding expensive overlay networks. Offered in tworack-mountedand twostreet-cabinetversions, itsenergy-efficient,compact design reduces operating expenditures (OPEX). The 1655 AMU allows you to expandrevenue-generatingcapabilities with minimal investment by offering a flexible mix of circuit and data traffic.

2 Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal

Meeting enterprise demands

New services, such as triple play and business Ethernet, are placing great demands on the existing transport infrastructure. To be profitable, service providers must reduce OPEX while meeting business demands by offering a host of new revenuegenerating Internet and Ethernet services while supporting existing TDM services. At the same time, they must avoid the complexity and expense of overlay networks.

The Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU addresses the rapid growth in data traffic and resulting demand for additional network bandwidth, while avoiding bottlenecks in the MAN. Because of its versatility, the AlcatelLucent 1655 AMU expands coverage to both large and small customers.


Provides new revenue-generatingservices

Reduces capital expenditures (CAPEX) by avoiding overlays

Offers scalable access to business customers

Supports both Ethernet and TDM on one platform

Decreases OPEX through integration, compatibility, compact size and energy efficiency

Offers flexible deployment options with two rack-mounted and twostreet-cabinetversions

Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal 3

New revenue-generatingservices

The Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU cost effectively delivers a growing array ofhigh-performance,high-speedcommunications services to businesses. A wide selection of interfacessupport a flexible mix of circuit and data traffic, more easily meeting customer demands for LAN interconnection, Internet access, voice services and the latest,high-valuemultimedia offerings.

1655 AMU 1m/1o

1655 AMU 2m/4o

Reduced CAPEX by avoiding overlays

Converging voice and data traffic on a single platform supports multi­ service transport over existing

SDH networks. Leveraging existing investments­ in network assets avoids the cost and complexity of building overlay networks.

The Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMUcombines traditional SDH, or circuit- based, and Ethernet, orpacket-based,applications. Four shelf versions are offered, tworack-mountedversionsfor CO and CPE applications and twostreet-cabinetversions.

Scalable access for business customers

Developed specifically to serve business customers, the AlcatelLucent 1655 AMU suits several applications:

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) at customer premises equipment


Local loop access: fiber to the business (FTTB)

LAN and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) interconnection

Interoffice applications

4 Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal

Offering significant space efficiency, the Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU is ap-plicable to CPE, Central Office (CO) andstreet-cabinetdeployments. Tworack-mounted versions serve CPE and CO deployments, the larger version with two main and four option cardslots (2m/4o), and the smaller with one main and two option card slots

(1m/2o). The street-cabinetconfigu- ration operates over an extended

temperature range and is available in both large and small versions.

CPE deployments

The smaller 1m/2o Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU offers simple and cost-effective Ethernet, E1, STM-1, STM-4, and STM-16 access, supporting applications such as enterprise networking and mobile backhaul networks.

CO deployments

The Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU

2m/4o version adds or drops up to

252 E1s. It includes one core pack, optional power, switch, synchro­ nization core protection and four option slots. When deployed in a

CO, the Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU supports advanced Ethernet services plus FTTB applications in either ring or mesh configurations.

These configurations offer high-speedInternet access by connecting business LANs with the Internet serviceprovider (ISP) point of presence (POP),data-centerconnection­through high-speedlinks andcost-efficientmassive E1 drops in hub applications.


Some services preclude the use of CO or CPE deployments. These include fiber to anywhere needed

(FTTx) and transport for services requiring shorter loop lengths, suchas ADSL+, VDSL and cable-TV plants. TheAlcatel-Lucent1655 AMUstreet-cabinetversion is ideal for these situations.

Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal 5

Ethernet and TDM on one platform

When using optional Alcatel-Lucent

TransLAN Cards®, the AlcatelLucent 1655 AMU system supports


Depending on the cards selected, the Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU system offers the following features:

Layer 2 Ethernet switching functionality: point-to-point and multipoint LAN services

Ethernet Performance Monitoring (PM)

Link pass through (LPT)

Support for virtual concatenation (VCAT), generic framing procedure (GFP) and link capacity adjustment scheme (LCAS)

Virtual local area network (VLAN) tagging for traffic separation and statistical multiplexing gain

VLAN trunking, saving physical interfaces at hub locations

Enhanced flow classification and flexible Quality of Service (QoS) assignment

A variety of Alcatel-LucentTrans-

LANCards are available, including Ethernet 10BASE-T,Fast Ethernet (FE)100BASE-T,GigE1000BASE-Tand1000BASE-X.Thesecardsoffertheopportunitytocustomizesupportfor point-to-point or Layer 2 Ethernet- switched applications(option-card-versiondependent).TheAlcatel-Lucent

1655 AMU is Metro Ethernet Forum


6 Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal

The 1655 AMU serves traditional

SDH (circuit-based),and Ethernet(packet-based),applications. Asshown in Figure 1, it can be deployed with theAlcatel-Lucent1645 AMC and 1643 AMS forcost-effectiveag- gregation toSTM-1/4rings and withhigher capacity Alcatel-Lucent platforms for aggregation to higher speed networks. In either case, the network is managed by theAlcatel-Lucent1350 Optical Management System (OMS).

Figure 1. 1655 AMU in a network


1350 OMS







E1, E3, DS3,
























E1, E3, DS3,




























E1, E3, DS3,




























E1, E3, DS3




















1850 TSS
















E1, E3, DS3







































10/100/1000 Ethernet

1643 AMS 1645 AMC 1655 AMU ATM PABX Router


Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal 7

Reduced OPEX through integration and compatibility

The Alcatel-LucentOptical Management Solution (OMS) software products provide operations, admin­ istration, maintenance, and provisioning (OAM&P)support to the Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU. To increase efficiency and economy, this flexible network management package offers various customization options for meetingspecific operational needs. The Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU communicates with the management system through an embedded communications channel, or aPC-basedcraftinterface can be used for local and remote management andcost-efficientcentralized alarming.

8 Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal

The Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU obtainsfault-managementand performance information by monitoring the path overhead ofeachvirtualcontainer(VC).Alarm information is filtered and displayed locally, then transmitted to themanagement-centerdatabase. When equipped with anAlcatel-Lucent

TransLAN Card, the Alcatel-Lucent

1655 AMU also stores Ethernet-specificperformance information.

Using adapter cards, service providers with existing Alcatel-Lucent 1643 Access Multiplexer (AM) and AlcatelLucent 1643 Access Multiplexer Small (AMS) systems can enjoy additional savings by reusing option boards from those systems.

Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal 9

Flexible deployment options

With its compact shelf, the AlcatelLucent 1655 AMU is suitable for

a variety of installation locations in CPE, CO, street-cabinet, access and metro environments. Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) optics for STM-1/4/16 interfaces supply a complete range of options for reach and the higher speed for maximumdeployment flexibility. For further flexibility, it provides a default DC power supply or an AC power sup- ply through an external converter.

This flexibility ensures that the latesthigh-valuedata services can be delivered to a broader array of customers while maintaining support for existing TDM services. Thiscost-effective,adaptable approach for supporting multiservice requirements makes the AlcatelLucent 1655 AMU an excellent

choice for service providers looking to efficiently meet their business customers’ evolving demands.


Cost-effectivemultiservice access over the established SDH base

Street-cabinetor CPEinstallation options

Compact system designed for growth

Wide range of interfaces

Advanced Ethernet support, including full-rateGigE lines

over protected STM-16network interface

Enhanced management capabilities

GigE at CPE

Local-loopaccess (FTTB)

LAN and PBX interconnection

Interoffice applications

10 Alcatel-Lucent1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal