Alcatel-Lucent 1353 User Manual

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1353 Litespan Management

System (LMS)

Simplifying the Management

of the Access Network

The Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS) is the management component of the Litespan family, which offers costeffective voice, data,high-speedInternet access (HSIA) and video services for your residential

and business subscribers. The integrated, centrally-operatedAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS manages theAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan multiservice network.

With the Alcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan and theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS, you can offer any mix ofrevenue-generatingservices. Thismultivendor-compatiblesolution supports multiple network topologies and transport options, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional voice tonext-generationnetworking (NGN/IMS). Moreover, theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS andAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan are integrated and tested with other products in the AlcatelLucent portfolio to offer completeend-to-endNGN solutions.

2 Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS)

Managing the access network

Access is the cornerstone of a telecom network. All end-userservices merge in the access nodes. The types of services your end users want continue to expand as technology evolves at an unprecedented pace. As a result, your access network must be able to accept many different services, topologies, technologies and transport options. Faced with such challenges, being able to manage the access network efficiently and effectively is a vital requirement. Among other things, you need reliable management solutions — solutions that will automate network operation, administration and maintenance. What’s more, these solutions must becost-efficient,optimize operating expenses (OPEX), provide quality

of service (QoS), as well as achieve stringent time-to-marketobjectives.

The Litespan family

The Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS) is part of theAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan family. EachAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan includes not only the multiservice gateway platform, but also

an integrated management system — the Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS. This system manages narrowband and broadband services, transport links, as well as subscribers for the AlcatelLucent 1540 Litespan Multiservice Access Gateway.

The flexible, multiservice AlcatelLucent 1540 Litespan solution provides basic narrowband voice and data services (using plain old telephone system [POTS], integrated

services digital network [ISDN] basic access/ primary rate access, voice over IP [VoIP] and digital leased lines), as well as broadband services. Services include asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) and symmetrical high bit rate DSL (SHDSL), giving users high-speedInternet surfing and multimedia downloading (see Figure 1). For all of these services, theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS provides operation and maintenance functions.

Figure 1. The Alcatel-Lucentaccess gateway for the ETSI world













1540 Litespan










1353 LMS











Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS) 3

The Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS)

Today’s competitive environment With the Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS, you can take advantage of auser-friendlyand familiar graphical user interface (GUI) to present information related to operations, service configuration, performance, alarms and security (see Figure 2).

Like the management system for the Alcatel-LucentOptinex family and theAlcatel-LucentIntelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) family, theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS is based on theAlcatel-LucentManagement Platform (ALMAP). This compatibility lets you easily integrate theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS with otherAlcatel-Lucentmanagement systems. That’s important,

because integrated network management optimizes your capital investment, reusing existing hardware to minimize equipment costs, while lowering operation and maintenance activities and training costs.

Furthermore, in networks with Alcatel-Lucentswitching or transport equipment, management applications can be easily integrated. For example, alarms for all network elements appear in a single window for ease of monitoring and use. With the goal, moreover, of providing you with a

complete solution, both the Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS andAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan are integrated and tested with otherAlcatel-Lucentproducts.

Figure 2. The Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System GUI

4 Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS)

Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS applications

The Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS functions as a network element manager, anend-to-endnetwork manager of user services, as well as a subscriber manager. It incorporates several management applications described in Table 1 and illustrated in Figure 3. With, moreover, theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS, all of your applications can run on a single server, providing a cost advantage for small networks.

Table 1. Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS management applications



Alcatel-Lucent1353 Distributed Network (DN)

Element manager for voice and leased line data services delivered on the Alcatel-Lucent1540


Litespan platform



Alcatel-Lucent5523 ADSL Work Station (AMS)

Element manager for xDSL broadband services delivered on the Alcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan platform



Alcatel-Lucent1353 NM (Network Management)

Element manager for the optional integrated add-dropmultiplexer (for synchronous digital hierarchy


(SDH) services) in the Alcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan



Alcatel-Lucent1353 PSM

Element manager for the optional integrated Next Generation ADM (LINA), for SDH and Ethernet over


SDH services in the Alcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan



Alcatel-Lucent1353 GW (Gateway)

Gateway application running on top of the element managers to interface with third-partyoperational


support systems (OSSs)



Alcatel-Lucent1355 DN

Subscriber manager for voice services delivered on the Alcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan platform



Alcatel-Lucent1355 GW

Gateway application running on top of the Alcatel-Lucent1355 DN to interface withthird-partyOSSs



Figure 3. Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS management applications



























































































































Web services








1355 GW










































1353 GW

























































1355 DN















































































1353 PSM















Linux, Solaris,




















































































1353 LMS
























































































NB – voice














leased lines



















































Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS) 5

Network element management tailored to your needs

With Alcatel-Lucentelement managers, you control the configuration, creation and activation of services, as well as the fault and performance management, andreal-timemonitoring of theAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan.

For its part, the Alcatel-Lucent1353 DN network element manager controlsAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan narrowband services, whereas theAlcatel-Lucent1353 NM manager controls theAlcatel-Lucent1540 SDH transport links. xDSL services are controlled by theAlcatel-Lucent5523 AMS. The element managers also provide an interface for integration with the network operator’s existing OSS. Plus, you can run any network management application

from any server in the system. And to lower your capital expenditures, our new common desktop reduces the number of servers required because several clients can share an application from any server.

Subscriber management

The Alcatel-Lucent1355 DN application provides subscriber management for theAlcatel-LucentLitespan 1540 family access networks through subscriber administration, service activation and subscriber line testing. It is designed to support the unique requirements of your access network by including large numbers of platforms and subscribers, widespread geographic distribution and concurrent use of different technologies and services.

6 Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS)

Network element managers

Feature summary

Network view

Equipment configuration

Port and termination provisioning

Management of communication between the Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS andAlcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan

Equipment redundancy management

Alarm collection and logging

Alarm log consultation

Remote inventor

Backup/restore of network element configuration

Remote software upgrade of network elements

Generic management

V5 interface and VoIP provisioning

Management of leased-lineinterfaces (2 Mb/s, n x 64 etc.)

Line testing

Performance and traffic monitoring

In the same way for the Alcatel-Lucent1355 DN — an application within theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS — you can take advantage of:

Connection management

Massive subscriber management operations

Subscriber/connection queries

External subscriber creation

Subscriber alarm

Subscriber/connection test

Massive and scheduled testing

Test results management

Open interfaces to upper management layers

Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS) 7

Flexibility for diverse business requirements

Support of multiple topologies

Star, ring, tree, point-to-pointand mixed topologies are all supported by theAlcatel-LucentLitespan family. All topologies can be supervised from theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS Map Manager. In all of these topologies, network management information can reach the access nodes from theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS through eitherin-bandorout-bandmechanisms.

Support of multiple transport options

The Alcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan andAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS integrate plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) or SDH and Ethernet over SDH transport mechanisms toward the switching and data networks. PDH, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and Ethernet transport capabilities are also in the system. Transport is supported between

Alcatel-LucentLitespan exchange units (EUs) and remote units (RUs) using HDSL or G.SHDSL transport protocols, fiber connections or externalleased-linenetworks.

Equally important, broadband (xDSL) and narrowband (voice and leased-linedata) traffic can share the same fiber (SDHSTM-1orSTM-4).Broadband (xDSL) traffic can be routed throughSTM-1optical or E3/ DS3 electrical interfaces toward the ATM backbone. For its part, xDSL traffic can be redirected toward the backbone (typically IP) over Ethernet(1000Base-SX,1000BaseLX,1000Base-EX,1000Base-ZXand1000Base-TX).This increases flexibility when connecting to the IP data backbone through metro Ethernet networks. You can manage all of these transport options with theAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS.

8 Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS)

Ease of integration and high scalability

Multivendor compatibility

The Alcatel-Lucent1540 Litespan andAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS are designed to function well in multivendor environments. This open design lets you build competitive, customized solutions compatible with your existing investments and customers’ needs. The integrated and centralizedAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS also ensures changes can be made very quickly, significantly shorteningtime-to-revenue.

All sizes of networks

The Alcatel-LucentLitespan family is highly scalable and suitable for any access network size — from a few nodes to hundreds. With its flexible architecture, you can run theAlcatel-Lucent1353

LMS on a PC, upgrade to a small UNIX workstation, and add new servers or workstations to evolve with the growth of the Alcatel-Lucent 1540 Litespan network (see Figure 4).

Figure 4. A Network management system platform for any network size

PC platform

1353 LMS

Easy migration to a server platform minimizes operational impact as the network grows



Initial network size

UNIX server

1353 LMS

Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS) 9

Reduced CAPEX and OPEX

By lowering capital and operating expenses, the Alcatel-LucentLitespan family has a significant impact. TheAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS fits into your OSS puzzle by satisfying four key expectations:

Network fault reduction:

Proactive alarming

Routing line testing

Performance/traffic measurements and alarms crossing thresholds

Reduced customer service expenses

— automating all activities for activating service and providing customer assistance through open interfaces that support:

Service activation

Subscriber status management

Line and telephone set testing

Reduced maintenance costs:

Centralizing/automating operations and maintenance

(O&M) activities in the OSS, such as alarm reporting or testing for the multivendor

access network

Adapting network management functionality to your organization’s and staff expertise. (TheAlcatel-Lucent1353 LMS has been designed according to the TMN model with element, network and service management levels that provide flexibility in terms of architecture and operator profiles.)

Providing operation-drivenmenus, constrainedchecking and on-line help to avoid errors

Properly forecasting spare stock with network inventory and alarm information

Reduced provisioning expenses:

Exporting accurate information on network resources for correct forecasting of access network deployment and minimized number of field interventions

Choice of operating systems and reliability

Multiple operating systems

The Alcatel-Lucent1353 LMS is available for UNIX and Windows 2000 operating systems. UNIX servers can each support up to 3,000 network elements and 65 operators.

The PC installations are ideal for managing networks with fewer than 30 nodes.

Redundant servers

System availability is enhanced through the N+1 redundancy of servers (see Figure 5). A backup server will take over the function of any server that fails in the system.

Figure 5. Overview of the High Availability OS Cluster Solution

N+1 local protection

1353 LMS

1353 LMS


Mirrored disk sharing

1353 LMS

10 Alcatel-Lucent1353 Litespan Management System (LMS)