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Product Features

Cost-effectiveDSLAM for CO, CEV, MDU, RT, and customer premises applications

24 ports of ADSL plus baseband POTS

DMT, G.Lite, and T1.413 modulations

Front panel access to all connections

Two field replaceable GMT-type3 amp fuses

POTS service is not power dependent

Provisioning and alarm monitoring via SNMP/ASCII text and TL1 through the local craft interface and in-bandmanagement channel

Both short and long haul T1s (DSX-1and DS1) can be used


Total Access 1250 IP Mini-DSLAM

Carriers are seeking cost-effectiveDSLAM solutions to meet demand for additional customer applications.The ADTRANTM Total

Access® 1250 is atemperature-hardenedMiniDSLAM that enables delivery of 24 ports of POTS and ADSL via an Ethernet10/100Base-Tinterface from smaller Central Offices (COs), Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVs),

Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), and Remote Terminals (RTs). The ADSL is derived from the network interface and is combined via onboard splitters with the existing POTS service for single-pairsubscriber delivery.

The Total Access 1250 offers a scalable network interface today with the Ethernet interface module. The IP interface module supports 1483/2684 bridging via either

LLC/SNAP or VC MUX encapsulation.

Statistics are collected on both the subscriber and network parts.

The compact, 1U high unit provides space savings while offering multiple options for placement within compact environments. Its design leverages existing telco resources and can be rackmounted, wallmounted, or vertically positioned within the RT. It measures 1.75 in. H x 17.25 in. W x 11.125 in. D and offers redundant power using –42to–56VDC.

The Total Access 1250 is equipped with fan modules and filters. Each fan unit is independently field replaceable. The fans are controlled by heat-sensingcircuits and will run only when necessary. Front panel access is available to all connections.

The ability to connect to the Total Access 1250 via an IP uplink at the customer premises immediately improves the economics of broadband for businesses such as hotels, service-basedorganizations, andsmall-to-mid-sizedenterprises (SMEs). Carriers benefit by expanding IP in their existing networks without costly ATM server installations. This is especially true for network applications that don’t require the expense associated with

ATM-QoS.In these cases, IP is more ubiquitous andcost-efficientfor both intraandinter-networkoperations.

Management options include SNMP, ACSII, TL1, Telnet, or local VT100 interfaces.

Menu-driveninterfaces are simple and intuitive, ensuring a successful service implementation through local and remote access.

ADTRAN’s Total Access 1250 Mini-DSLAMbringscost-effectiveandspace-efficientADSL with POTS solutions to carriers providing subscriber services at rural CO, MDU, CEV, and RT sites.


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Total Access 1250 IP Mini-DSLAM

Product Specifications

Front Panel Features

Five LEDs: Power, ADSL, Network, Alarm, Ethernet

Two 50-pinAmphenol interfaces:POTS, ADSL+POTS

DB-9craft interface

DB-15Alarm Interface, Input/Output

RJ-45uplink interface


Dimensions: 1.75 in. H x 17.25 in. W x 11.125 in. D

Weight: 8 lbs.

Mounting: Rackmount or Wallmount

Can be mounted in either a flush mount or mid-mountorientation in either a19-inchor23-inchrack.

Regulatory Standards

NEBS Level 3

GR-1089-CORE,Issue 3

GR-63-CORE,Issue 2

NRTL Safety Listed


Local management: ASCII – menu

Remote management: SNMP, TL1,10Base-TEthernet (future)


Operating: –40°Cto +70°C

Storage: –40ºCto +85ºC

Relative humidity: 95 percent, noncondensing


Network Interfaces

Ordering Information









Part #



Subscriber Interfaces

Total Access 1250 IP Mini-DSLAM


Total Access 1200 RDS Shelf, 19-inch,24-port1179601L1





Total Access 1250 IP Module




–42VDC to–56VDC




Total Access 1250












































IP Module
























































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