Zephyr QTX User Manual



Compact Haze Machine

Item ref: 160.494UK User Manual

Version 1.0

Caution: Please read this manual carefully before operating Damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty


Thank you for purchasing the ZEPHYR compact haze machine. This product has been designed to provide controlled haze effects for stage productions and themed events. Please read and keep this manual in order to achieve the best results from this equipment and avoid damage through misuse.


The product should arrive with you in good condition with the following components.

ZEPHYR haze machine

Wireless remote control & keyfob

Mains lead(s)

If you find any accessory is missing or the machine has arrived with any problems, please contact your local dealer at once. Please keep the original package and invoice for any possible replacement or returned demand.


To prevent risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose electrical parts to rain or moisture.

If liquids are spilled on areas other than inside the fluid tank, disconnect the mains, allow the ZEPHYR to dry out and have it checked by qualified personnel before further use.

Avoid any impact, dropping or extreme pressure to the housing. No user serviceable parts inside - do not open the case.

Allow the ZEPHYR to acclimatize to room temperature before operating.


The ZEPHYR has a built-in fluid container and should be operated in an upright position. Ensure that the ZEPHYR is positioned on a stable, non-slip surface.


Check for correct mains voltage and condition of IEC lead before connecting to mains

This unit must be earthed

This unit uses a heating element – be aware that parts of the housing may be hot in use!


Use a soft dry or slightly damp to clean the casing

Do not use strong solvents for cleaning the housing

Clean the haze mechanism periodically by operating with distilled water instead of haze

It is also recommended to use fog machine cleaning fluid (160.670UK) periodically

160.494UK User Manual

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