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Presrv Dual Zone Wine Cooler



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Safety Information








Parts Identification & Dimensions


Installation Instructions


Operating your appliances


Care and Maintenance




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Safety Information

Your safety and the safety of others are very important.

We have provided many important safety messages in this manual for your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages.

This is the Safety Alert Symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can cause severe bodily injury or death. All safety messages will follow the Safety Alert Symbol and either the words “DANGER” “WARNING” or “CAUTION”

Danger means that failure to heed this safety statement may result in severe injury or death.

Warning means that failure to heed this safety statement may result in extensive product damage, serious personal injury, or death.

Caution means that failure to heed this safety statement may result in minor or moderate personal injury, property or equipment damage.


Safety Information

For your safety, read all instructions carefully before operating the appliance.

DANGER: When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or personal injury, unplug or disconnect the appliance from the power supply before servicing.

CAUTION: Flammable refrigerant used! When handling, moving and use of the refrigerator, make sure to avoid either damaging the refrigerant tubing, or increasing the risk of a leak.

Use this appliance only as described in this manual. Other uses not recommended may cause fire, electric shock or personal injury.

This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons unless they have been adequately supervised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use the appliance safely.

Young children should be supervised to ensure that they never play with the appliance.

The temperature range for this cooler is optimized for non-perishable beverage storage only. Do not store perishable food items in your beverage cooler.

To protect against the risk of electric shock, NEVER IMMERSE the unit, cord, or plug in water or spray any other liquid.

Unplug the appliance from the plug socket when not in use, when moving from one location to another and before cleaning.

To disconnect the appliance, grip the plug and pull it from the wall outlet. Never pull by the cord.

Never operate the appliance in the presence of explosive and/or flammable fumes.

Never place the appliance or any of its parts near an open flame, cooking or other heating appliance.

Never operate the appliance with a damaged cord or plug, if the product malfunctions, or if it is dropped or damaged in any manner.

The use of attachments not recommended by the manufacturer may be hazardous.

Never operate if the housing is removed or damaged.

A loose fit between the AC outlet (receptacle) and plug may cause overheating and a distortion of the plug. Contact a qualified electrician to replace loose or worn outlet.

Locate the unit away from direct sunlight and sources of heat (stove, heater, radiator, etc.).


Safety Information

This appliance is CFC and HFC free and contains small quantities of Isobutane (R600a), an environmentally friendly coolant.

You must ensure that the cooling circuit is undamaged when installing the appliance. However, if it becomes damaged, avoid proximity to open fires and heat sources of all kinds. The room in which the appliance is located should be ventilated properly and according to state and local codes.

Never use an appliance with a damaged circuit.

Ensure that the ventilation openings to and from a built-in appliance are never blocked or covered.

No liability will be accepted for any damage caused by misuse of the appliance, or as a result of repairs carried out by unqualified person. In this case neither the warranty nor any other liability claims will apply.

WARNING: Never operate any other electrical appliance inside this appliance.

Never attempt to repair or replace any part of your appliance unless it is specifically recommended in this manual. All other servicing should be referred to a qualified technician.

Replace all access panels before operating.

Use two or more people to move and install the appliance. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.

Never clean appliance parts with flammable liquids. These fumes can create a fire hazard or explosion. Never store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. The fumes can create a fire hazard or explosion.

Never connect or disconnect the electric plug with wet hands.

It is recommended that a separate circuit, serving only your appliance be provided. Use receptacles that cannot be turned off by a switch or pull chain.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or personal injury, unplug or disconnect the appliance from the power supply before servicing.

Save These Instructions

If you are experiencing problems, check the Troubleshooting Guide at the back of this manual. It lists causes of minor operating problems that you can correct yourself.


Safety Information

Disposal of Old Appliance

Dispose of your appliance packaging properly.

Refrigeration equipment must be properly disposed of in a way which protects the environment. This applies to your old appliance and to your new unit once it has reached the end of its service life.

WARNING: Please ensure that old, worn appliances are rendered unusable before disposal by removing the plug, cutting the power cable, and removing or destroying any snap fastenings or bolts. You will thus prevent children from locking themselves in the appliance during play (risk of suffocation) or endangering their lives in any other way.

Disposal instructions:

The appliance must not be disposed with normal household waste collection.

The coolant circuit, particularly the heat exchange at the back/bottom of the unit, must not be damaged.

The symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that this product is not to be handled as normal household waste but is to be taken to a recycling collection point for electrical and electronic goods. By correctly disposing of this product you are contributing to the protection of the environment. Improper disposal endangers health and the environment. Further information about the recycling of the product may be obtained from your town hall or local waste collection department.


Safety Information

Before Using Your Appliance

Remove all exterior and interior packing.

Before connecting the appliance to the power source, let it stand upright for approximately 2 hours. This will reduce the possibility of a malfunction in the cooling system caused by handling during transportation.

Clean the interior surface with warm water using a soft cloth.

The door on this appliance can be opened from either the left or the right side. The unit is delivered with the door opening on the left side. Should you wish to open the door from the right, follow the instructions, “Reversing the Door Swing of your Appliance,” listed below.

Installation of Your Appliance

The appliances are designed for either built-in, or free-standing installation.

WARNING: Do not store or install the appliance outdoors.

Place your appliance on a floor that is strong enough to support it when it is fully loaded. To level your appliance, adjust the 4 legs until level.

Locate the appliance away from direct sunlight and sources of heat (stove, heater, radiator, etc.). Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating and heat sources may increase electrical consumption. Extreme cold ambient temperatures may also cause the unit not to perform properly.

Never place the unit in damp areas.

Plug the appliance into an exclusive, easily accessible electrical socket.

Any questions concerning power and/or electrical connection should be directed towards a qualified electrician or an authorized products service center.

The air vent at the front of the appliance must never be covered or blocked in any way.

The appliance must be installed to all electrical connections in accordance with state and local codes.

Use two or more people to move and install the beverage cooler. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.

The cooler may experience decreased cooling efficiency if air flow is restricted due to a fully loaded cabinet.


Safety Information


Never overload the cabinet.

Never open the door unless necessary.

Never cover shelves with aluminum foil or any other shelf material which may prevent air circulation.

Should the appliance be left empty for long periods, it is suggested that the appliance be unplugged, and, after careful cleaning, leave the door ajar to allow air to circulate inside the cabinet in order to avoid possible condensation, mold or odors from forming.

Electrical Connection

Check that the voltage marked on the product corresponds with your supply voltage.

WARNING: Improper use of the grounded plug can result in the risk of electrical shock. If the power cord is damaged, have it replaced by a qualified electrician or an authorized service center.

This appliance should be properly grounded for your safety. The power cord of this appliance is equipped with a three-pin plug which mates with standard three-pin wall outlets to minimize the possibility of electrical shock.

Never under any circumstances cut or remove the third ground prong from the power cord supplied. For personal safety, this appliance must be properly grounded.

with three pins. Have the wall outlet and circuit checked by a qualified electrician to make sure the outlet is properly grounded. When a standard two-pin wall outlet is encountered, it is your responsibility and obligation to have it replaced with a properly grounded three-pin wall outlet.

To prevent accidental injury, the cord should be secured behind the appliance and not left exposed or dangling.

The appliance should always be plugged into its own individual electrical outlet which has a voltage rating that matches the rating label on the appliance. This provides the best performance and also prevent overloading wiring circuits that could cause a fire hazard from overheating. Never unplug the appliance by pulling the power cord.

Always grip the plug firmly and pull straight out from the receptacle. Repair or replace immediately all power cords that have become frayed or otherwise damaged. Never use a cord that shows cracks or abrasion damage along its length or at either end. When moving the appliance, be careful not to damage the power cord.

Never use your appliance with an extension cord unless this cord has been checked and tested by a qualified technician or service person. The extension cord must be a UL/CUL Listed, 3-wire grounding extension cord that has a grounding plug and outlet and that the electrical rating of the cord is 115 volts and at least 10 amperes.



Thank you for purchasing your Zephyr wine cooler. Zephyr is dedicated to developing products that will enhance your lifestyle with superior quality and distinctive features. Please visit www.zephyronline.com for more information on your product and other Zephyr products.

This manual contains important information regarding the proper installation, use, and maintenance of your beverage cooler. Following this manual will ensure that your product will work at its peak performance and efficiency.

For Your Records:

Please write down the model number and serial number below for future reference. Both numbers are located on the rating label on the back of your unit and are needed to obtain warranty service. You may also want to staple your receipt to this manual as it is the proof of your purchase and may also be needed for service under warranty.

Model Number:

Serial Number: Date of Purchase:

To better serve you, please do the following before contacting customer service:

If you received a damaged product, immediately contact the retailer or dealer that sold you the product.

Read and follow this instruction manual carefully to help you install, use and maintain your beverage cooler.

Read the troubleshooting section of this manual as it will help you diagnose and solve common issues.

Visit us on the web at http://www.zephyronline.com to download product guides, additional troubleshooting resources and up-to-date information.

If you need warranty service, our friendly customer service representatives are available via email at productsupport@zephyronline.com or by telephone at 888- 880-8368.



This appliance requires a standard 115/120 Volt AC~60Hz electrical ground outlet


Dual Zone Wine Cooler




AC 115/60Hz


1.0 A


Black Cabinet with Stainless


Steel Door


(45) 750ml bottles




40° - 65° F


33 7/8’’ X 23 7/8’’ X 23 5/8’’









Internal Storage


Parts Identification & Dimensions


Installation Instructions

Carbon Filter

A built-in carbon filter protects your beverages by acting as a natural barrier against harmful odors. The carbon filter should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the unit’s exposure level to odor. If the unit is placed in a kitchen, regular replacement every three months is ideal.

Remove the carbon filter by turning counterclockwise to unlock from rear panel.

Carbon Filter Replacement Part #: Z0F-C004

Installation Clearance Requirements

When installing the wine cooler under a counter, follow the recommended spacing dimensions shown.

To ensure proper service access and ventilation, allow between 1 – 2 inches of clearance at the back as shown in the diagram.

The installation should allow the unit to be pulled forward for servicing, if necessary.

An installation next to a wall will require a minimum 2-1/4” door clearance to accommodate the handle.

Once you are ready to install the unit in a cabinet or directly on the floor, you must adjust the feet to level the wine cooler.


Installation Instructions

Installing the Handle

1. Push aside the door gasket on the side you wish to install the handle. Under the gasket you will see two designated holes for handle installation and pre-installed screws.

2. Install the handle tightly as shown with two screws, lock washers and flat washers preinstalled.

Reversing the door swing of your appliance

Should you desire to reverse the opening direction of the door, please follow the instructions below:

A.Open the glass door to a 90-degree angle, take out the 2 screws from the lower door axis (2), remove the door (3), axis plate spacers and the axis plate from the door.

B.Take out the 3 hinge screws from the top right hinge (4) and remove it.

C.Unscrew 2 screws at the bottom of the door and remove the Reed switch (6), then install the Reed switch at the top of the door frame.

D.Remove the decorative hole covers (8) from the top left of the cabinet and install the new top hinge (7) at top of the cabinet with 3 screws. Install the decorative hole covers on the top right of the cabinet.

E.Install the door with spacers and correctly align door.


Installation Instructions

To prevent damaging the door or door gasket, make sure the door is open at least 90-degrees when pulling shelves out of the rail compartment.


1.Open the door completely.

2.Remove all the contents loaded on the shelf, If applicable.

3.Pull the shelf towards yourself until it is fully extended outward.

4.The shelf has plastic posts on both sides as indicated in the diagram below. While facing the unit, press the plastic post on the right side down while pulling up on the left plastic post.

5.Evenly pull out the shelf from the track until it is completely removed from the inner compartment.


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