Victory Refrigeration RS-1N-S7-FF, RS-2N-S7-FF User Manual

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Victory Refrigeration RS-1N-S7-FF, RS-2N-S7-FF User Manual



Item #:


Shallow Depth Fish File Refrigerators



Stainless steel


exterior and interior.








Standard Features

Remote Models Available



• Digital Thermometer/Battery Back-up





• Energy Saver Switch



• Stainless Steel Case Front, Sides and Interior



• Stainless Steel Drawers with Self Adjusting



Magnetic Gaskets



• Adjustable Stainless Steel Legs



• Lifetime Safety Grip Handles



• Plasticized Fin Coil



• Environmentally Friendly R-134a Refrigerant



• Cord and Plug Attached on 115V Models 12



Amps or Less



• Floor Drain



Optional Features and Accessories



• Dial Thermometer



• Locks for Drawers



• 5” Diameter Heavy-Duty Swivel Casters with






• Stainless Steel Case Back



• Remote Models



Victory’s fish file 40°F refrigerator provides storage of fresh seafood in easy to reach stainless steel drawers. Each cabinet is internally supported, braced and assembled into a single rigid unit. The cabinet front and drawers are constructed of heavy gauge polished stainless steel to maintain an attractive appearance after years of heavy use. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation throughout the cabinet ensures the ultimate in energy efficiency.


Heavy-duty drawers have safety grip handles and self adjusting magnetic gaskets. Drawer runners are of heavy gauge steel with anti-friction action. Drawer pan internal dimensions are 14 3/4” x 19 3/4”long and 6” deep (supplied by Victory).

Refrigeration System:

All components of the self-contained refrigeration system are mounted on top of the cabinet. The air circulating fans and the forced convection cooling coil are contained within a ceiling mounted low profile housing. A drain in the lower compartment bottom terminates waste water in a 1” male pipe fitting for connection to a floor drain. Plumbing is required.

NOTE: Cooling coil is contained within a ceiling mounted low profile housing


Victory Refrigeration specification sheets are available online at

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