Victory Refrigeration RFS-36-S7 User Manual

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Victory Refrigeration RFS-36-S7 User Manual



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Dual Temp Refrigerator/Freezers

(36” Wide Model)



Stainless steel

Stainless steel

exterior and



Aluminum interior.

Remote Models Available


Note: Single section model cooling coils are contained within ceiling mounted low profile housings.


Victory's dual temperature model provides storage of both refrigerated and frozen foods within a single cabinet. An insulated partition between the cabinet sections ensures temperature integrity of each product zone. The cabinet front and doors are constructed of heavy gauge polished stainless steel to maintain an attractive appearance after years of heavy use. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation throughout the cabinet and doors ensures the ultimate in energy efficiency.


The self-closing doors are securely mounted on rugged cam-lift hinges, which have a lifetime guarantee. Each door has a heavyduty cylinder lock and self-adjusting magnetic gasket to prevent the cold air from escaping. Humidity control wires located around the door jamb prevent condensation from forming on the cabinet front and are concealed by a high impact, non-conductive

thermal breaker strip. The interior door liner is constructed of durable stainless steel material, which resists denting and scratching and is easy to clean. Each safety grip handle is guaranteed for life.


The heavy-duty wire shelves are adjustable in one-inch increments.

Refrigeration System:

The model is equipped with two selfcontained independent refrigeration systems mounted on top of the cabinet. The air circulating fans and the forced convectioncooling coil are contained are contained in a stainless steel housing in product zone. All condensate water is disposed of automatically by the energy efficient condensate evaporator, no plumbing is required.

Standard Features (all models)

Digital Thermometer/Battery Back-up

Adjustable Stainless Steel Legs

Energy Saver Switches

Stainless Steel Case Front, Doors and Sides

Lifetime Heavy-Duty Cam Lift Hinges

Adjustable Wire Shelves

Lifetime Safety Grip Handles

Self-Closing Doors with Safety Stops

Energy Saving Thermal Breaker Strips

Heavy-Duty Cylinder Locks

One Piece Self-Adjusting Magnetic Door Gaskets

High Impact Stainless Steel Interior Door Liner

Plasticized Fin Coil

Environmentally Friendly R-134a Refrigerant

Environmentally Friendly R-404A Refrigerant

Condensate Automatically Evaporated

Automatic Defrost

Optional Features and Accessories

Change Door Swing

Adjustable Stainless Steel Wire Shelves

5" Diameter Heavy Duty Swivel Casters with Brakes

Stainless Steel Case Back

Remote Models


Victory Refrigeration specification sheets are available online at

Victory Refrigeration, Inc. I 110 Woodcrest Road I Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 USA I Phone: 856.428.4200 I Fax: 856.428.7299 I E-mail:

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