VBrick Systems VB6000 WM User Manual


Quick Start Guide

Unpack VBrick Appliance.




Each Shipment Includes:





Ethernet net-

VBrick WM appliance

Serial port




work cable


cable and

















Power supply





Remote Control

A cable and




and cable

adapter kit










VB6000 WM









Network Appliance












































Connect Video Input Source

An audio/video cable allows the VBrick appliance to receive audio/video from your input source (a camera, VCR, DVD, etc.)

Please make sure that all power switches are Off on all source equipment before plugging into the connectors on the VBrick appliance.

1.From a video input source (for example, a camera, DVD, or VCR), connect a BNC (composite video) cable to Composite In on Slot 1 of the VBrick appliance.

2.Connect Left and Right cables from the audio source to Audio In on the appliance.

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Connect to the IP Network

An Ethernet cable connects the VBrick to the network.

1.Plug one end of the cable into the Ethernet port on the VBrick appliance.

2.Plug the other end of the cable into the network switch.

3.When power is applied, the green LEDs to the right of the Ethernet port will illuminate and the Activity light will flicker.

System Requirements

Ethernet LAN

Multicast IGMP Version 2

Windows 98, 2000, XP (Service Pack 2 recommended)

500 MHz Pentium III processor (750 MHz recommended)

128 MB RAM

SVGA video card 640x480, 256 colors (acceleration recommended)

Windows-compatible sound device

Minimum 15 MB hard disk space for installation

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

Microsoft DirectX Media 8.1 or higher (9.0 recommended)

Microsoft Windows Media Player Version 7.1 (Windows 98 or 2000), 9.0 or higher (Windows XP only)


Power-on the Appliance

When powered-on, the VBrick appliance automatically runs through a self-test.

1.Insert the power connector that comes with the unit into the power receptacle on the rear of the appliance.

2.Connect the other end to a conventional 110/220 VAC power source.

3.The Power In LED on the back of VBrick will illuminate and the front panel will display status messages during the self-test.

4.Wait until the appliance completes its boot sequence before continuing. This may take several minutes.

Note: The WM Appliance Admin Guide provides a detailed description of product features and functions. It's available from the Support pages at www.VBrick.com or it can be accessed from the Help link in the IWS configuration program.


Set the IP Address

When you power on the appliance, if a DHCP server is present on your network, the VBrick will automatically get its IP Address and Subnet Mask from the DHCP server. If this happens, no additional configuration is required; go to Step 5 and install StreamPlayer Plus. If the VBrick cannot get an IP address from the DHCP server (or a server is not present), you will need to set the IP address manually using

the handheld IR Remote Control. Similarly, if your network requires a Gateway IP Address, and this is not provided by the DHCP server, you will also need to enter this manually.

1.Aim the remote control at the IR Port (reference 4A) on the front panel and press Local Edit (reference 4B). The display (reference 4C) on the front of the VBrick will request a password.

2.Press 23646 (“admin”, numerically) and press Select (reference 4D) on the remote control.

3.If the network is DHCP capable and you want the network to select an IP address press Y and then press Select. The VBrick will reboot and obtain an IP address. Otherwise, press Select to continue.

4.Enter desired IP address. Use the * button for the decimal point and the left/right buttons to erase characters entered by mistake.

5.When done press Select. If the remaining settings do not need to be modified, press Select again.

6.If the IP, subnet mask or gateway addresses have been modified and there are no errors, the VBrick will reboot.

7.Log back in to the VBrick using the Remote Control.

8.Set the Slot1 destination IP Address to a valid multicast address.

Note: The standard multicast address range is to VBrick recommends using as a starting multicast address.


Install StreamPlayer Plus

StreamPlayer Plus 4.3 or higher lets you receive streaming video, originating from the VBrick, on a local PC.

1.If you did not order StreamPlayer you can purchase and download a full copy or you can download and install an evaluation copy.

2.To download StreamPlayer go to www. vbrick.com/products/streamplayer.asp and follow the instructions.

3.After you download StreamPlayer, follow the instructions and install the application as directed.

Note: This Quick Start Guide references the following WM Appliance models:

9190-4200-000x – Single WM Encoder

9190-4200-100x – Single WM Encoder with Hard Drive

9190-4300-000x – Dual WM Encoder

9190-4300-100x – Dual Encoder with Hard Drive


Verify Operation

Once installed, you can use the StreamPlayer Plus application to view content being streamed from the VBrick appliance.

1.Launch the StreamPlayer Plus application. Go to

Start > Programs > VBrick > StreamPlayer Plus.

2.The VBrick appliance automatically broadcasts program information (reference A) to the StreamPlayer application running on your PC.

3.You should see a stream appear in the Program Info column (reference B) of the StreamPlayer application. The default host name of the VBrick is the unit’s MAC address.

4.Double-click on VBrick's MAC address (or host name) to launch the stream in Windows Media Player (reference C) and displays the selected video stream on your PC.

5.You are now successfully streaming video to your PC.




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