Vantec Iceberq 5 CCB-A5C User Manual

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Whether you're looking to replace a bad cooler or just a loud one, the Vantec Iceberq 5 All-In-One VGA Cooler is the ideal solution. With a unique, 100% copper design, the Iceberq 5 quickly draws away heat without taking up excessive space or weighing down your video card. The efficient, ball bearing fan allows for excellent cooling without excessive noise. In addition, the Iceberq 5 works on virtually all current nVidiaTM and ATiTM video cards. With its attractive blue LED fan, universal mounts and full copper design, the Vantec Iceberq 5 All-In-One VGA Cooler is the perfect VGA cooling kit.




GeForce3 Ti 200/500

GeForce4 MX 420/440/460

GeForce4 MX 440 SE/440 8X

GeForce4 Ti 4200/4200 8X

GeForce4 Ti 4400/4600/4800

GeForce FX 5200/5500/5600/5700 L

GeForce FX 5600 ULTRA/5700/5700 ULTRA

GeForce FX 5900/5900 XT

GeForce FX 5900 ULTRA

GeForce 6600

GeForce 6800/6800 GT/6800 ULTRA

Radeon 9000/9000 PRO

Radeon 9200/9200 PRO

Radeon 9500/9550

Radeon 9600/9600 SE/9600 PRO/9600 XT

Radeon 9700/9700 PRO/9800 PRO/9800 XT



Clip Type A x1

(for ATi TM and some nVidiaTM cards)

Clip Type B x1

(for most nVidiaTM cards)

Memory Heatsinks x8

Thermal Compound x1 Thermal Tape x8

3 to 4 pin Adapter x1

5 x 13.2 mm Screws x2

M2.0 x 16.0 mm Screws x2 Insulation Tape x1

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All-in-One VGA Cooling Kit

Compatible with current nVidiaTM & ATi TM VGA cards

Bright, Blue LED Fan

High CFM / Low Noise Levelt 8 Memory Heatsinks Included


Dimension: 110 x 88.7 x 31.6 mm

Fan size: 60 x 60 x 12mm

Fan Speed: 2500 RPM

Rated Voltage: DC 12V

Rated Current: 0.15 A

Power Consumption: 1.8 W

Weight: 320 g

Bearing Type: Ball Bearing


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