Vantec CB-USBARC User Manual

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USB Active

Repeater Cable


User’s Manual


The USB2.0 Active Repeater Cable is a 16 feet extension cable that contains active electronics which regenerate the USB signal for maximum reliability and performance over extended distances at maximum transfer rate of 480Mbps.


USB2.0 Specification Compliant

High Transfer Rate Up to 480Mbps

Plug & Play

No External Power Required

Cable Length: 16 Feet (5 Meter)

Connectors: 1 Type A Male, 1 Type A Female



USB 2.0

Data Transfer Rate

1.5/12/480 Mbps

Downstream Connector

USB Type A Female

Upstream Connector

USB Type A Male

Cable Length


Maximum Units Cascaded


System Requirement

Desktop or notebook computer with USB port

One of the following operating systems (no driver needed): Windows® 98SE

Windows® ME Windows® 2000

Windows® XP Mac X


The USB Active Repeater Cable is fully compatible with plug and play specification under windows 98/SE, Windows ME/2000/XP and MAC systems. There is no driver installation needed when operates under these systems, simply connect it with your PC (or USB Hub) and device (or 2nd active repeater cable) and it’s ready to go.

Installation Verification

1.Go to System Properties in the Control Panel of your system.

2.Go to Device Manager of System Properties to find a device named Generic USB Hub in the Universal Serial

Bus Controllers directory to verify the installation completed.

3.Find a USB device such as USB mouse, USB printer, etc in Device Manager to verify that your device is plugged well to the USB 2.0 active repeater cable and ready to go.

USB Active Repeater Cable

Model #: CB-USBARC