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Issue No. 12, June 2006 Information From Toro to Help YOU and YOUR Course

New Reelmaster® Fairway Mowers

A Better Cut, From Start To Finish

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New Reelmaster® Fairway Mowers 8

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Better Quality Of Cut Is Just The Start


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“The adjustments on the reels themselves were really easy. With this, it’s just 1-2-3.”
— Craig Currier, Golf Course Superintendent Bethpage State Park, Long Island, New York

New Reelmaster Fairway Mowers

Better Quality Of Cut Is Just The Start

At the Toro Company, we’re grateful to have a reputation for being innovative and for

continually striving to improve our products and create new ones.

In this spirit, Toro recently introduced four new mowers in our popular Reelmaster line, each built for exceptional performance and improved after-cut appearance on fairways.

Drawing a great deal of attention at the 2006 Golf Industry Show, the four new Reelmaster mowers—models 5210, 5410, 5510 and 5610—feature Toro’s innovative Dual “Precision” Adjustment

(DPA) cutting units, an all-wheel drive system and numerous other advanced capabilities.

Customer-Inspired Design

“The new units are based on research and feedback we received from golf course superintendents, operators and technicians,” says Tony Ferguson, marketing manager for Toro’s Reelmaster mowers. “They wanted a better fairway mower that provided improved quality of cut and after-cut appearance along with reduced maintenance, easier adjustments and improvements in operator comfort.

Based on the feedback we’ve received from many customer visits, the new Reelmasters have succeeded in all of those areas.”

Ferguson and his crew tested the new machines at about 100 courses around the country.

Superintendents at these test sites were impressed.

“Simply put, it did a great job,” says Jeff Eldridge, golf

course superintendent at the Nicklaus Golf Club, a newer, high-end, private facility in Overland Park, Kansas.

Located in a warm-season/cool-season grass transition zone, the Nicklaus Club has zoysiagrass fairways, which have always been a challenge for mowing and grooming.

“Zoysiagrass is ornery,” Eldridge explains. “But Toro’s new units are a vast improvement on zoysiagrass. Right off the truck it did a great job of mowing.”

DPA Earns Praise

Many superintendents were most impressed with the mowers’ new DPA cutting units—an exclusive Toro innovation that makes reel blade adjusting much faster and easier.

“The DPA—that’s huge because it’s so much simpler than other machines in terms of adjusting it,” says Craig Currier, golf course superintendent at Bethpage State Park in Long Island, New York, site of the 2002 and 2009 U.S. Opens. “The adjustments on the reels themselves were really easy. With this, it’s just 1-2-3.”

Eldridge agrees, viewing the new DPA cutting units as the product’s most important feature.

“The biggest thing is the new cutting unit, the DPA” he says. “That’s something we’ve been requesting for years, and I think that’s going to really help us to do our jobs better.”

“With the DPA, I think you get a better reel-to-bedknife adjustment,” Eldridge explains. “Out in the field, we’re able to do a better job of adjusting one side instead of having to adjust the entire bedknife.”

Better Quality Of Cut

The DPA cutting units are brandnew and leverage many innovative and proprietary features that together elevate the overall quality of the Reelmaster mowers. With special suspension and weight balance, the cutting units’ innovative design optimizes groundfollowing and mowing performance to deliver unbelievable quality of cut on a variety of terrains.

The cutting units are also made with a proprietary reel blade material—another innovation exclusive to Toro.

“By using a harder base metal and an advanced tempering process, the blades hold an edge much longer,” says Ferguson. “The result is reduced adjustments and less frequent backlapping and grinding. That helps to ensure a consistently higher quality of cut because the sharper edge shears

the grass blade off cleanly, so grasses stay green and healthy. We even scalloped the reel blades for a built-in relief, which also helps keep the blade sharp.”

A related improvement on the cutting units is a heavy-duty bedknife called EdgeMax—used exclusively by Toro, which incorporates a harder, leadingedge tool steel to retain its sharp edge up to three times longer than standard bedknives. You can choose from among three cutting units: a 5-inch diameter 8 blade; a 7-inch diameter 8 blade; and a 7-inch diameter 11 blade.

More reliable mowing is further enhanced by the Reelmasters’ specially

designed all-wheel drive system—another innovation that’s new to the industry. The CrossTraxdrive system is based on Toro’s patented Series/Parallel traction system. This drive system provides superior traction on wet slopes by transferring power from the front tires to the opposite rear tires. That way, if the upslope tire starts to lose traction, the opposing rear tire absorbs more weight to help propel the unit forward and up the hill.

“I think the quality of the cut is great, and it was really quick,” Currier says. With five courses and nearly 300,000 rounds played every year at Bethpage, a high level of productivity is essential for him and his crew. “With all the play we have here at our facility, we need to get in and out as quick as we can without sacrificing quality.”

Lighter Frame, Less Compaction

With the new Reelmaster machines, Toro also offers another important benefit: a product that’s not only better, but lighter. The mowers weigh up to 280 pounds less than Toro’s older units, and that’s even with the more powerful engines.

“We trimmed unnecessary weight so the mower would have a lighter footprint, but without sacrificing any durability or functionality,” Ferguson says. “That means the new Reelmasters provide the finest fairway cutting with less compaction or turf abrasion.”

Eldridge and Currier viewed this feature as an important benefit.

“Lighter frames are a benefit because any time you get a lighter footprint on the turfgrass surface, you’re doing yourself a big favor,” Eldridge says.

“The lighter the mower is, the less compaction,” Currier says. “For what we’re looking for, the weight is good.”

Many Other Advantages

To provide better after-cut appearance, the Reelmasters accommodate a series

of built-in features and optional attachments, including platform

groomers, powered rear roller brushes, collection baskets, cutting-unit combs and more. The mowers can even be configured with Toro’s TurfDefender Leak Detector, a device that identifies hydraulic leaks and then shuts down the cutting system to prevent turf damage.

The new mowers also offer increased operator comfort, providing a deluxe seat suspension, a control panel within closer reach, easier step-entry and exit, tilt steering wheel and reduced noise.

“Comfort-wise, it was great, too,” Currier says. “It’s such a comfortable and smooth machine. When you’re riding around on a golf course all day it’s pretty rough, so the operators are definitely going to enjoy not bouncing up and down all over the place.”

Currier adds: “There’s plenty of room on the machine and it’s easy to use,” said Currier. “It’s also big enough to make sure you have plenty of power.”

“They did a nice job,” concludes Eldridge. “I think Toro has made great strides with these machines.”

New, Improved Sand Pro® B

From Good…To Better…To Best

At one point in the not-so- distant past, the Toro Sand Pro®, while at the top of its

game, may have spent a little more time resting in the shop than working on the course. But all this has changed. The Sand Pro 3020 and 5020 models recently underwent some major modifications and upgrades. Now with improved hydraulic capabilities, more ground clearance, steerable front-end attachments and under-a-minute attachment changes, the new and improved Sand Pro 3040 and 5040 are ready to hit the market.

From Good To Better

To make changes to these reliable bunker-management machines, Toro went straight to its customers. With hands-on test sites set up across the nation, golf course superintendents, assistants, technicians and operators had the opportunity to spend a few hours examining—and trying out—the new features and changes.

“Since we are replacing a product that is number one in its field for quality, we wanted to make sure that we understood what our clients did and did not like,” explains Greg Janey,

marketing manager

for the Toro Sand Pro. “First, we decided

course in Charlotte, North Carolina,

that this product could improve overall


is already making plans for a more

with a Quick Attach System that allows


productive day with the new Sand Pro

anyone to change attachments in under



a minute without any tools. This is


“We constantly strive to exceed the

compared to over an hour with the


expectations of our members and have

older models.”


spent probably 40 percent of our time

“Also, we decided that the chain design

on bunkers this year,” Cochran describes.

on the 3020 for the steering wasn’t as


“We currently use the older Sand Pro

reliable as we would like, especially in


models, and we operate them 5 to 6

these harsh sand and dirt environments.


times a week from 2 to 5 hours a day on

So we completely got rid of it. The new


our daily maintenance.”

3040 has a gear design that is completely

The golf course is characterized by

sealed from the environment and its


rolling hills, beautiful lakes, magnificent

harmful elements. Even better, the



5040 has new hydraulic power





“Toro really listened to what

Taking into consideration


customers’ varied needs, comments

we asked for and delivered the

and concerns, Toro took the

improvements. I feel lucky that

under-utilized Sand Pro and made


they asked for my input.”

it more functional and easier to


use. This way, customers can be

– Scott Cochran, Golf Course Superintendent,

more productive—


Ballantyne Country Club, Charlotte,

accomplishing more


North Carolina

with less.

Scott Cochran,

golf course

views—and 95 well-manicured bunkers;

superintendent at

however, the hilly terrain occasionally

Ballantyne Country

causes bunkers to wash out during

Club, a 130-acre

heavy rainstorms.

Rees Jones-

“Our bunkers tend to catch some


run-off during big rain events, but with



our Sand Pros we’re able to put them


together again fairly quickly,” Cochran


says. “It will be even easier with the new


Sand Pro.”


Cochran adds: “I feel like the best


machine on the market was the 5020,


and I didn’t think Toro could improve


on it. But they have.”

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