Star Trac SPINNING 727-0083 User Manual

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Star Trac Fitness™

Spinning® Computer

User Manual

Installation, Service and Instructor Education

Table of Contents

C Regulatory Statements _______________________________________________

ts List _____________________________________________________________

rketing Statement Regarding Heart Rate __________________________________

cifications __________________________________________________________

w it Works __________________________________________________________

mputer Window and Buttons ____________________________________________

alling or Replacing Batteries____________________________________________

I need to Re -sync? ____________________________________________________

ting for RPM ________________________________________________________

cing Mode __________________________________________________________

up Mode____________________________________________________________

allation of Cadence Sensor and Magnet – All Spinners® ______________________

unting Computer On Handlebars - V-Bikes ________________________________

unting Computer On Handlebars - Pro 5800 / 6800 / Elite 5900 _________________

unting Computer On Handlebars - Elite 6900 and NXT 7000 ___________________

intenance Checklist ___________________________________________________

Q’s and Troubleshooting _______________________________________________

nning® Instructor Education____________________________________________

FCC Regulatory Statements

1.This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the follo two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this devic must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undes operation.

2.Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Star Trac could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.


Parts List

All 727-0083 Spinning® Computer Kits include:

Part Number for






























Spinning® Computer

Spinning ®




Computer Kit



















Mounting Bracket














V2 Bracket Mounting Insert


Bracket Kit
















Pro Bracket Mounting Insert












Cadence Sensor












Cadence Magnet






AA Panasonic Batteries






Spinning® Computer Manual






M5 Allen Assembly Tool






M2 Allen Assembly Tool






M6x30 Computer Clamp Screw for Rhino Horn

installing the Spinning® Computer, verify that all the parts needed for mounting on your b cluded. If any of the items are missing, call StarTrac at 800-503-1221 or 1-714-669-1660 t a replacement kit.


Marketing Statement Regarding Heart Rate

ting Statement Regarding Heart Rate Acquisition on the Star Trac Spinning® Computer:

rac takes the acquisition and accuracy of heart rate very seriously and has developed a system m to the best ability that technology will allow. Star Trac has engineered a product that has tak precaution possible to acquire an accurate heart rate signal as well as eliminate “crosstalk” rence that may be caused by other monitors being placed too close together.

ieve the best possible results from your Spinning® Computer, please abide by the following ant parameters:

Users must wear Coded Transmitters (such as Polar© T61, Polar© T31C or Polar© Wear when operating the Spinner® bike with the Spinning® Computer. Only Coded Transmitter wil a “one to one” relationship with the Spinning® Computer and will minimize potential “crosstal interference. If users wear non-coded straps, there is significantly increased potential for “crosstalk” which will cause erratic heart rate display , loss of heart rate display and significan reduce the consistency of accurate heart rate reporting.

Bikes should be spaced so that the side-to-side distance from the Spinning® Computer on o bike and the Spinning® Computer on bikes to the left or right is at least 36 inches (91.4 cm). addition, the distance from the bottom of the Spinning® Computer on one bike to the seat of bike in front of it (where another rider and his/her transmitter would be seated) should be at l 24 inches (61 cm) in order to significantly reduce chances for interference. See the diagram page 21 regarding bike layout.


Riders must lean into the display (within 16 inches) and wait for the HR to display – once the HR is displayed they must maintain the forward Position for 15 seconds while the computer codes with their Polar Coded Strap, this insures that no outside signals will interfere with the riders data once they lean back into their seated position.

Calorie calculations are displayed as a summary only and will ONLY be shown if a user utiliz heart rate strap throughout the entire workout.

Cell phones, televisions, speakers and other electronic devices can cause interference with operation if they are in close proximity to the Spinning® Computer and/or transmitter.

e are any questions regarding operation or usage of the Spinning® Computer, please contact rac Customer Support at 800-503-1221 or 1-714-669-1660.





Heart Rate Range:

Approximately 30” From computer to users HR chest


Qty 4 each AA Alkaline

Battery life expectancy:

1 year (depending on use and backlight usage)

adence Sensor:



Lithium CR2032

Battery life expectancy:

Approximately 2.5 Years (depending on use)

Distance to magnet:

Approximately 5mm


How it Works

How does the Spinning computer work?

pinning computer displays heart rate, RPM (speed), total distance and elapsed time.

The heart rate information is received from a Polar© T61, Polar© T31C or Polar© WearLink® heart rate strap worn by the person riding the Spinning Bike. The Polar sends a radio signal to the computer and the computer displays the person’s heart If any other strap is used it will not display the heart rate. The computer and heart r strap must be within range of each other and no other heart rate strap can be within imaginary circle. The range is approximately 36 inches from the computer.

The RPM signal is transmitted by the cadence sensor sending the RPM to the com Each time the magnet on the flywheel passes the cadence sensor it records one revolution and as it counts the revolutions it sends this number to the computer.






Computer Window and Buttons

edaling then press any button to turn on the Spinning® Computer; the following data will b yed:

HR- Displays the Heart Rate of the user when wearing a compatible Polar® HR telemetry strap in beats per minute.

RPM- Shows the pedaling speed of the user in revolutions per minute.

Total Distance- Distance measured in miles or kilometers depending on the set selection.

Elapsed Time – The length of time in minutes from the time the computer has b activated or reset.


Light (left) button - Turns on the backlight to enable viewing i light settings.

Toggle (right) button - Toggles between: Total Distance and

Elapsed Time.


Installing or Replacing Batteries


5 Minutes required:

4 new AA alkaline batteries required:

Slotted or Phillips screwdriver

The batteries in the computer will last approximately r depending on usage.

adence sensor battery will last approximately 2.5

Remove the computer from the handlebar or computer mounting bracket.

Loosen the captive screw on the back of the battery cover (screw will not completely come off, it will remain captive.) To remove the cover, pull on the captive screw and lift.

Install 4 new batteries. Note: Replace all 4 batteries at the same time.

Low Bat



Installing or Replacing Batteries – cont’d

Note the directions each battery is to be installed. There is a plus (+) and minus (-) sym inside the battery compartment. The + sign indicates the positive (+) side on the battery the - indicates the negative (-) side on the battery.

Insert each of the 4 batteries into the battery compartment of the computer.

Attach the battery cover and tighten the screw.

Attach the computer onto the handlebar or computer mounting bracket and test.


Do I need to Re-sync?

:Syncing will not improve Heart Rate and is not a calibration it should only be used to Syn

p)the cadence sensor and the computer so that RPM can be transmitted.

m the Syncing process after checking all of the following:

Do the serial numbers on the cadence sensor and the computer match?

o If they do not match the handlebar has been swapped with another bike and should be swapped back, so the computer and sensor are matched up again.

Is the battery secure in the cadence sensor and the cover is not loose?

o A loose battery will prevent the cadence sensor to transmit the RPM signal to th computer.

Is the magnet aligned with the cadence sensor?

o A missing magnet or one that is not lined up properly will prevent the cadence s to transmit the RPM signal to the computer.

Does the computer turn on when you press a button?

o If the computer does not turn on replace the batteries in the computer.

The computer turns on but as you pedal it does not show the RPM.

o If you have performed all of the above steps you may now sync the computer a cadence sensor. This will make them a paired set and will be able to transmit a receive the RPM signal.


Testing for RPM


Less then 5 Minutes required:




ST Procedure:

Once the batteries are installed, press any button and the display window will turn on in Workout mode.

Test by waving a magnet across the cadence sensor. If you see RPM values, then the cadence sensor and computer was synced successfully, there is no need to perform the sync process.

If you do not get any rpm reading and the computer turns off you WILL need to perform the Syncing process.

OTE: If the cadence sensor and computer are no longer a pair (i.e. when users swap andlebars with the computer attached.) the Cadence sensor and computer will have to be ync’d again. Do not swap handlebars.

TION: TEST ONE BIKE AT A TIME, the range for the cadence sensor is oximately 30 feet and if you are testing the bike and someone else o n the s is pedaling another bike you may be picking up the wrong RPM signal.


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