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SWFY71 Front Control Washer

SFEY07 Front Control Electric Dryer

SFGY09 Front Control Gas Dryer

STEY77 Electric Stack Washer/Dryer

STGY79 Gas Stack Washer/Dryer

Commercial Built to Last Longer

Micro-DISPLAY Control

Coin or Card-Ready

Today, multi-housing owners and managers are constantly confronted with improving property security and enhancing amenity services.They are challenged to improve revenue cash flow, conserve energy and provide ADA compliant laundry equipment.

Solutions to these issues are Speed Queen’s MicroDISPLAY Control (MDC) front load washers and dryers. The Horizon® washers are ENERGY STAR® qualified. They reduce water consumption and save energy over conventional commercial top load washers.The attractive front control design meets all ADA standards and will brighten up any laundry room.

Residents will find the laundry process a breeze with streamlined, easy-to-use Micro-DISPLAY Controls.

Displays coin countdown to start cycle.

Shows cycle time remaining.

Remaining card balance on card operated models.

Touch pad selectors for easy activation with LED and sound enunciator signal.

Blinking start pad signal.

Bright, easy-to-read cycle status lights.

Your authorized Speed Queen laundry service provider can design an MDC laundry room solution for property type.

• Non-resettable cycle and coin counters to laundry room activity.

• Diagnostics to expedite service.

Ultra, High-Efficient

Automatic Washer

ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Low water and energy consumption.

The MDC offers four energy efficient wash cycles integrate into a six-speed wash system.

Reversing wash action.

Heavy-duty freestanding washer.

Horizon Quality Features

The “Big Load Door” opening of 188.6 sq. in. is 132% larger than that of the previous model.

See-through door convenience with 180° swing for easy loading.The hinge is a robust 10" steel piano style to maintain door alignment.

Frontmount supply dispenser automatically adds detergent, bleach and softener.

The stainless steel washtub has 5,499 perforated holes with three full-length baffles to maximize mechanical wash action for cleaner clothes.

High speed extract of 1,000 RPM final spin exerts 300 G-Force to maximize moisture removal from clothes.

All drive components (pulley, trunnion, tub shaft and bearings) are manufactured with rugged steel construction.

Heavy-duty 1 HP drive motor with reversing wash action.

Freestanding design features four large automotive size shocks so the washer can be installed on most floor types or levels.

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