Russell Hobbs SW-U-EZH User Manual



Russell Hobbs SW-U-EZH User Manual

Read the instructions, keep them safe, pass them on if you pass the iron on. Remove all packaging, but keep it in case you ever need to return the iron.

important safeguards

Follow basic safety precautions, including:

1This iron must only be used by or under the supervision of a responsible adult. Use and store it out of reach of children.

2Don’t put the iron in liquid, don’t use it in a bathroom, near water, or outdoors.

3Route the cable so it doesn’t overhang, and can’t be tripped over or caught.

4Don’t iron clothing while it’s being worn – you’ll burn or scald the wearer (this is not a joke – I’ve seen it happen).

5Don’t touch the soleplate, and keep away from the steam coming from it.

6Take care when emptying the iron – it may contain hot water.

7Don’t use the iron in the vicinity of children.

8Use the iron, or set it on its heel, on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface, preferably an ironing board

9Don’t leave the iron unattended while plugged in, or while it’s standing on the ironing board. It could be knocked over by you, by a child, or by a pet.

10Unplug the iron before filling, before cleaning, and after use.

11Sit the iron upright when you’re not ironing, and when you store it away.

12Leave the iron upright to cool before cleaning.

13Unplug the iron when not in use, before moving and before cleaning. Let it cool down fully before cleaning and storing away.

14Don’t fit any attachment or accessory other than those we supply.

15Keep the iron and the cable away from hotplates, hobs or burners.

16Don’t use the iron for any purpose other than those described in these instructions.

17Take care not to scratch the soleplate – avoid buttons, zips, etc.


18The iron has a protective thermal fuse, which will blow if it overheats. If this happens, the iron will stop working, and must be returned for repair.

19Don’t use the iron if it’s dropped or damaged, or if it malfunctions or leaks.

20 If the cable is damaged, return the iron, to avoid hazard. household use only

before using for the first time

Don’t worry if the iron smokes a bit at first, it’ll stop as the element cures.

Iron an old piece of cotton fabric, to clean the soleplate.

Press the #button 3 or 4 times, to check it out.

Press the *button 3 or 4 times, to check it out.

auto shut-off

If the iron is motionless, it will switch off after about 30 seconds with the soleplate down, or about 8 minutes if it’s upright.

The auto shut-off light will flash, and keep on flashing till you move the iron.

To switch on again, simply lift it up, then sit it upright till it returns to the set temperature (about a minute).

No settings are lost during auto shut-off.


1 Check for textile care symbols (ijkl).

2Iron fabrics needing low temperatures jfirst, then those that need medium temperatures k, and finish with those needing high temperatures l/max.


3You may use the iron with tap-water, but if you live in a hard water area, you should use distilled water (not chemically descaled or softened water).

4If you buy distilled water, check that it’s marketed as suitable for use in irons.

5Unplug the iron.

6Move the steam control to S.

7 Hold the iron with the heel uppermost.

8 Press the V button in fully, and hold it in – this opens the filling valve. 9 Pour water into the heel till it stops disappearing into the reservoir,

and starts to back up.

10Let the V button go, to close the valve and seal the reservoir.

11Tip any excess water out of the heel, into the sink or the filling jug.

12Wipe up any spillage.

switch on

13Turn the temperature control to •(#3).

14Sit the iron on its heel.

15Put the plug into the power socket (switch the socket on, if it’s switchable).

16The heel and reservoir will glow, to show that the iron is connected to the electricity supply.

17Turn the temperature control to bring the setting you want next to the 5 mark (#3).

18The thermostat light will come on.

19When the iron reaches the temperature you set, the thermostat light will go out. It’ll

then cycle on and off as the thermostat operates to maintain the temperature. 3

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