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WARNING: Always check your wiring before turning on a circuit. Never leave a circuit unattended while the batteries are installed. Never connect additional batteries or any other power sources to your circuits.

Space Battle

Model SCP-05

WARNING: SHOCK HAZARD - Never connect Snap Circuits to the electrical outlets in your home in any way!

Project #1 Double Space Battle

The Snap Circuits Kit uses electronic blocks that snap onto a clear plastic base grid to build different circuits. These blocks have different colors and numbers on them so that you can easily identify them. Build the circuit shown by placing all the parts with a black 1 next to them on the clear plastic base grid first. Then, assemble parts marked with a 2. Install two (2) “AA” batteries (not included) into the battery holder (B1).

Turn on the slide switch (S1). Activate the circuit by pressing the press switch (S2) or waving your hand just above the photoresistor (RP), do both several times and in combination. You will hear an exciting range of sounds, as if a space battle is raging!

The space war IC is a super-miniaturized electronic circuit that can play a variety of cool sounds stored in it by using just a few extra components. In movie studios, technicians are paid to insert sounds like these at the precise instant a gun is fired. Try making your sound occur at the same time an object hits the floor. It is not as easy as it sounds.

Project #2 Space Battle

Remove the photoresistor (RP) from the circuit shown. Activate the circuit by pressing the press switch (S2). The space war sounds play as long as the switch is pressed. Release and press the switch several times to hear all the different sounds.

Project #3 Touch Space Battle

Remove the photoresistor (RP) and press switch (S2) from the circuit shown, and turn on the slide switch (S1). Wet two of your fingers and touch them across where the photoresistor was connected. You hear space battle sounds when your fingers complete the circuit.

Project #4 Photo Space Battle

Use the same circuit as for project #1 but replace the press switch (S2) with the photoresistor (RP) and turn on the slide switch (S1).

The photoresistor contains material that changes its resistance when it is exposed to light, as it gets more light, the resistance of the photoresistor decreases. Parts like this are used in a number of ways that affect our lives. For example, you may have streetlights in your neighborhood that turn on when it starts getting dark and turn off when it is light.

Find a piece of white paper that has a lot of large black or dark areas on it, and slowly slide it over the photoresistor (RP). You should hear the sound pattern constantly changing, as the white and dark areas of the paper control the light to the photosensitive resistance. You can also try the pattern below or something similar to it:

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