QUICK LOGIC QL2007-1PL84C, QL2007-1PL84I, QL2007-1PQ208C, QL2007-1PQ208I, QL2007-2PF144C Datasheet

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… 7,000 usable ASICgates,

174 I/O pins


Block Diagram

480 Logic Cells


3.3V and 5.0V pASIC® 2 FPGA

Combining Speed, Density, Low Cost and Flexibility

Rev. E

Ultimate Verilog/VHDL Silicon Solution

-Abundant, high-speed interconnect eliminates manual routing -Flexible logic cell provides high efficiency and performance -Design tools produce fast, efficient Verilog/VHDL synthesis

Speed, Density, Low Cost and Flexibility in One Device

-16-bit counter speeds exceeding 200 MHz

-7,000 usable ASIC gates, 11,000 usable PLD gates, 174 I/Os -3-layer metal ViaLink® process for small die sizes

-100% routable and pin-out maintainable

Advanced Logic Cell and I/O Capabilities

-Complex functions (up to 16 inputs) in a single logic cell -High synthesis gate utilization from logic cell fragments -Full IEEE Standard JTAG boundary scan capability

-Individually-controlled input/feedback registers and OEs on all I/O pins

Other Important Family Features

-3.3V and 5.0V operation with low standby power

-I/O pin-compatibility between different devices in the same packages -PCI compliant (at 5.0V), full speed 33 MHz implementations

-High design security provided by security fuses





PRODUCT The QL2007 is a 7,000 usable ASIC gate, 11,000 usable PLD gate member SUMMARY of the pASIC 2 family of FPGAs. pASIC 2 FPGAs employ a unique combination of architecture, technology, and software tools to provide high speed, high usable density, low price, and flexibility in the same devices.

The flexibility and speed make pASIC 2 devices an efficient and high performance silicon solution for designs described using HDLs such as Verilog and VHDL, as well as schematics.

The QL2007 contains 480 logic cells. With 174 maximum I/Os, the QL2007 is available in 84-pin PLCC, 144-pin TQFP, and 208-pin PQFP packages.

Software support for the complete pASIC families, including the QL2007, is available through three basic packages. The turnkey QuickWorks® package provides the most complete FPGA software solution from design entry to logic synthesis (by Synplicity, Inc.), to place and route, to simulation. The QuickToolsTM and QuickChipTM packages provide a solution for designers who use Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys, Viewlogic, Veribest, or other thirdparty tools for design entry, synthesis, or simulation.


Total of 174 I/O Pins

-166 bidirectional input/output pins, PCI-compliant at 5.0V in -1/-2 speed grades

-4 high-drive input-only pins

-4 high-drive input/distributed network pins

Four Low-Skew (less than 0.5ns) Distributed Networks

-Two array networks available to logic cell flip-flop clock, set, and reset - each driven by an input-only pin

-Two global clock/control networks available to F1 logic input, and logic cell flip-flop clock, set, reset; input and I/O register clock, reset, enable; and output enable controls - each driven by an input-only pin, or any input or I/O pin, or any logic cell output or I/O cell feedback

High Performance

-Input + logic cell + output delays under 6 ns

-Datapath speeds exceeding 225 MHz

-Counter speeds over 200 MHz


QUICK LOGIC QL2007-1PL84C, QL2007-1PL84I, QL2007-1PQ208C, QL2007-1PQ208I, QL2007-2PF144C Datasheet







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