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Polycom VoiceStation 300 & 500

Crystal –clear conferencing for smaller rooms and desktops

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Bluetooth connectivity*





High quality hands-free



calling through your mobile





phone or the internet



2.5mm applications








Plug into a wired connection



for mobile phone and





internet calling when



Bluetooth is not available



More productive calls


The quality of Polycom designed for offices and small meeting spaces

Polycom’s patented Acoustic


Clarity Technology allows



simultaneous, natural, free-


The Polycom VoiceStation is a small conference phone ideally suited for desktops, offices and other

flowing conversation




small rooms. With a microphone range of up to seven feet, the VoiceStation is ideal for up to three

Hands-free Calls


or four participants. The compact industrial design fits well on a desk or small table, making it a great

A great hands-free


solution for offices. The VoiceStation provides Polycom’s legendary voice quality at an affordable price.

conferencing solution for


home offices and small




Use your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to connect wirelessly to the



VoiceStation 500 for hands-free voice conferencing. It can also connect to a

Easy to install and use


Bluetooth-enabled computer for high quality hands-free conferencing over


Connects into any analogue


internet calling services such as Skype. If your mobile phone or computer

phone jack


is not Bluetooth-enabled, simply use the integrated 2.5mm applications

Secondary phone


port on the VoiceStation 500 for wired connections.




Featuring Polycom’s award-winning Acoustic Clarity Technology, The

Plug in a fax machine or


computer modem, or plug in


VoiceStation 300 and VoiceStation 500 deliver significantly improved


a handset for private calls




voice quality over the previous generation VoiceStation 100. Three



sensitive microphones offer 360-degree room coverage. Smart



technology such as Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) provides maximum



microphone sensitivity, while reducing distracting room and background



noise. Plus, Polycom’s legendary full-duplex technology ensures that



everyone on the call can be heard.



Convenient controls for Bluetooth*, volume adjustment, mute, redial, flash and hold are



located on an intuitive easy-to-use keypad. When dialling over regular phone lines, a handset phone



can be plugged in for private calls.



Make great things happen with the VoiceStation 300 and VoiceStation 500
















*VoiceStation 500 only

*VoiceStation 500 only





VoiceStation 300

Part 2200-17910-012

VoiceStation 500

Part 2200-17900-012

The VoiceStation 300 and VoiceStation 500 are ideal for conferencing in offices and small conference rooms, accommodating for 4 or fewer meeting participants

Bluetooth connectivity (VoiceStation 500 only)

Connect your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for hands-free calls

Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled computer for high quality hands-free conferencing over the internet

2.5mm Applications Port (VoiceStation 500 only)

Plug into a wired connection for mobile phone and internet calling when Bluetooth is not available

Polycom’s patented Acoustic Clarity Technology

Full-duplex for simultaneous, natural, free-flowing conversation and more productive calls

Users don’t have to wait for participants on the far end to stop talking before breaking into a conversation

Dynamic Noise Reduction

Automatically reduces room background noise from fans, projectors, heating and air conditioning for clearer sound and more efficient conferencing

360-degree room coverage

A powerful digitally-tuned custom speaker and three sensitive microphones provide uniform coverage from up to 7 feet away

Compact industrial design

Fits well on a desk or small table, making it a great solution for offices

Easy to install and use

No training required

Connects into any analogue phone jack

Convenient controls

Volume, mute, redial, flash and hold are located on an intuitive, easy-to- use keypad

Auxiliary output jack

Allows connections to other peripherals such as an audio recorder

Single-cord connection to phone console

Eliminates cable clutter on the tabletop

Console Size

24.2cm x 23.5cm x 7.6cm (L, W, H)


• 0.57kg


• 220V 50Hz AC

Network Interface

Analogue PBX or public switched telephone

Applications Port (VS500 only)

4 ft mobile phone cable with standard 2.5mm headset plugs

4 ft computer calling cable to connect to line-out and line-in ports on computer


19-key telephone keypad inc:

-On-hook/ Off-hook

-Flash, Redial, Mute

-Volume Up, Volume Down

-Telco/ Mobile/ Bluetooth (VS 500 only)


Off-Hook, Active Call, Mute

Bluetooth On (VS 500 only)

Console Loudspeaker

Frequency response: 300 to 3300 Hz

Volume: Adjustable to 86 dBA SPL (peak) volume at 0.5 m

Console microphone

3 cardioid microphones

300 to 3500Hz


Polycom Acoustic Clarity full duplex (IEEE 1329 Type 1)

Up to 7ft microphone pickup range

Gated microphones with intelligent microphone mixing

Dynamic Noise Reduction

Regulatory Compliance


FCC Part 68

FCC Part 15

Class B CE Mark (R & TTE Directive)

Bluetooth 1.1 (VS 500 only)

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature 5° to 40°C operating

Relative humidity: 20% to 85% (non-condensing)

Storage temperature: 22° to 55°C

Recommended Room


Room size: 15ft by 15ft (25m2 or 5m x 5m)

Reverberation time: <0.4 seconds

Noise level: <48 dBA


VoiceStation 500 Ships


Telephone console unit

Power module

21ft (6.4m) cord to console

7ft (2.1m) telco cable to RJ-11 telephone jack

User Guide

VoiceStation 500 only

Ships With

4ft mobile phone connection cable

4ft computer calling cable


• 12 months

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