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PRV-LX1 – General Maintenance Practices


The PRV-LX1 is a professional-level DVD recorder designed to provide many hours of video recording and playback performance. While every operating environment is unique, there are some general maintenance practices you can follow to keep your PRV-LX1 running at optimal performance.

This document offers some general guidelines and maintenance recommendations for the PRV-LX1.

Run a system check on the hard disk drive (HDD)

Clean the filters on the front of the unit

Check the Read/Write hours on the DVD drives


For details about the general maintenance practices noted above, refer to the following sections. If you have questions or need additional assistance please contact your Pioneer representative.

WARNING: Removing the PRV-LX1 cover automatically voids the warranty. Proceed with the drive replacement only if your unit is already out of warranty or you accept to knowingly voiding the warranty.

We strongly recommend that you send your PRV-LX1 to Pioneer Service for any repairs or part replacement. Pioneer offers a free loaner PRV-LX1 while your unit is being serviced.

HDD System Check

To maintain optimal performance, run a system check on the HDD about every three months. If the recorder is used heavily, perform the HDD system check more frequently.

The HDD system check option is available under the System > HDD Tools menu. The process locates and repairs minor HDD errors and logs errors that the recorder is unable to repair. All results are displayed on your connected monitor.

To run a system check on the HDD, power on the PRV-LX1 and follow the directions below. Although these instructions refer to the front panel, you may use the front panel, the remote control, or a USB mouse to make selections from the PRV-LX1 menu.

1. Press the Function button on the front panel to access the Function Menu.

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Released: Aug-2007

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TIB #190112

2.Scroll down to the Setup menu using the arrow buttons.

The first option, System, is highlighted.

3.Press Enter to access the System submenu.

4.Scroll down to highlight HDD Tools.

5.Scroll right and down to highlight Check.

6.Press the Enter button on the front panel to begin checking the HDD for errors.

The HDD System Check executes and corrects recoverable errors.

The check results appear on the monitor screen. The list reports fixed error as well as any serious error conditions. If there are any unrepaired errors, contact an authorized Pioneer Service representative at (800) 872-4159 for further assistance.

Cleaning/Replacing Filters

Visually inspect the PRV-LX1 filters for debris or blockage about every three months. The time period between inspections depends on the operating environment. Check the front filters more frequently if the recorder is installed in an area subject to large quantities of dust, oils, or poorly ventilated environments.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Released: Aug-2007

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