Peerless-AV SA752PU - Sell Sheet User Manual



Articulating Wall Arm


For 32" to 52" Flat Panel Displays

From any angle, this wall arm mount reflects remarkable form and function. Extending the flat panel display up to 27.43" (697mm) from the wall and allowing for a full 180° of side-to-side motion for perfect view positioning of displays up to 52". Fine-tuning of the installation is simple with its side-to-side display leveling and 1" (25.4mm) of vertical adjustment features that help achieve perfection. This articulating arm also provides display centering on the wall plate and integrates a desirable cable management system, centering the flat panel display on the wall when retracted and organizing and protecting the cables. Designed and built in the USA, this mount maintains the same brilliant look as the entire SmartMount® 700 Series line of Articulating and Pivot Wall Arm Mounts.

Display size: 32"-52"

Max load: 90lb (41kg)


Universal model SA752PU



Clean Application




provides compatibility for


Built in cable management



system keeps cables


32" to 52" flat panel displays




organized and protected


with mounting patterns up to









689 x 439mm (27.12" x 17.29")






Dedicated model SA752P





Viewing Flexibility












Arm extends up to 27.43"


requires display adapter to





(697mm) from wall


be purchased separately






Display can be held as close to the wall as 4.43" (112mm) or be extended as far as 27.43" (697mm)

Integrated cable management contains, protects and conceals cables for a clean clutter-free look

One-TouchTM tilt allows for +15°/-5° without the use of tools for easy viewing angle adjustment

Multi-link construction allows for a full 180° range of motion

SA752PU Shown

Display can be pivoted













a full 90°













±5° of roll allows for post



Remarkable Form



Post Installation










New design, cable






installation leveling



covers and fastener




Display can be rotated



covers complete a



±5° of roll for



professional installation



post-installation leveling

from landscape to portrait













without removing the display













for easy orientation changes













1" (25.4mm) vertical













adjustment for display














position fine tuning




























* OSHPD Approval Pending

Arm retracts to just 4.43"

1" (25.4mm) clearance

1" (25.4mm) of vertical

SA752P dedicated model

(112mm) and extends up to

per channel for clean and

adjustment for

requires additional adapter





27.43"(697mm) from wall

simple cable management

post-installation fine tuning

plate for mounting display













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