Nady Systems USB-24M, 15khz User Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Nady USB-24M Microphone. The USB-24M is perfect for recording your music, podcast, or any audio source to your preferred DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Just plug the USB cable into your computer’s USB port and launch your DAW. You are now ready to record! The USB-24M can handle it all! From vocals to acoustic instruments, from drums to guitar amps, this microphone guarantees clear and accurate reproduction of your sound.


Perfect for recording vocal tracks or voice-overs on your computer or for online communication.

Excellent clear, crisp sound with smooth response.

Dynamic neodymium element provides ultimate sensitivity with cardioid pick-up.

Connects directly to any computer with a USB 2.0 (or higher) input port for easy plug-and-play operation with most DAW software.

• AD converter with 24-bit, 96KHz sampling rate.

Convenient On/Off switch

Easy to use with computer recording software

Heavy gauge mesh grill and durable construction


Your USB-24M microphone was carefully packed at the factory, and the carton was designed to protect the unit during shipping. Please retain this container in the highly unlikely event that you ever need to return your microphone for servicing.


Windows XP

1.Plug in the USB-24M to the computer and push the power switch ON. The LED will light to indicate that the microphone is receiving USB power. Windows will automatically install the universal drivers. The USB-24M is now recognized as a windows audio device. To set your USB-24M as the default device and change computer-controlled gain, access the control panel.

2.Access Sounds and Audio Devices through the control panel.

3.Select USB Headphone Set as Sound recording Default device under the Audio tab. The default device is used in simple programs like those for teleconferencing or Sound Recorder. In most pro audio programs you can select which device (or multiple devices) to use within the program itself. To set computer-controlled gain, click the Volume button.

4.The Wave In window sets the computer controlled gain or mutes the microphone. The gain is from –62dB to +48dB.

Mac OS

1.Plug in the USB-24M to the computer and push the power switch ON.

2.Configure your DAW software to select the microphone as your input device. This can usually be done in your Hardware Options by selecting USB Headphone Set.

3.Or, you can select USB Headphone Set as your input device in your Sound options under System Preferences.

Depending on the application, the mic can either be handheld or mounted on a microphone stand with a standard mic clip. Be aware of the proximity effect (an increase in bass response) when the mic is placed close to the mouth or instrument. This may or may not be desirable. Experimenting with the position of the

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