MTX Audio TA2301 User Manual

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TA2301 Owners Manual


Thank you for choosing MTX to help reach your ultimate goal with your vehicle. Adding MTX amplifiers and matching MTX speakers and subwoofers with StreetWires connections will put you in a better position to hear, feel and experience all of the music the artist intended you to hear.


Primary Ratings:

Power Output: 150 Watts RMS x 1 Channel at 4 Ohms and 1% THD+N

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (1Watt): 73dB

Secondary Ratings

Power Output: 300 Watts RMS x 1 Channel at 2 Ohms and 1% THD+N

THD+Noise (Distortion) (1Watt): .5%

Frequency Response (-3dB): 20Hz-120Hz

Maximum Input Signal: 10V

Maximum Sensitivity: 100mV

Dimensions: 9-5/8” x 12-11/16” x 2-1/2” (245mm x 325mm x 65mm)

Smart Engage Auto Turn-on (Patent No: US06556683)

Patented Adaptive Class D Technology (Patent No: US06753729)

Patented Power Supply (US05598325)

Input Sensitivity Switch: 100mV-1V/1V-10V

Crossover: Low @ 80Hz, 24dB or 120Hz, 24dB

ThunderEQ Boost 12dB, Freq. 40Hz (Switchable)

Remote Subwoofer Level Control


1. Prizm EFX – All MTX amplifiers include backlit adjustment controls on top surface of product.

Color – The backlit controls offer unlimited colors on the display -- from RED, GREEN, BLUE, or any color in between.

• EFX – You can switch Prizm EFX lighting to “pulsate” with beat of music.

2.Xtant Technology Cooling (XTC) – thermal-regulated turbo-charged inner cooler, supplies fan forced cool air evenly and constantly through tightly packed, bonded fins. Fan speed is continuously variable and

controlled by amplifier’s output load, temperature of heatsink and transformers. Exhaust of internal heatsink is strategically positioned to cool transformers to maintain maximum performance at all volumes.

3.Bi-Level Inputs with Smart Engage – All MTX amplifiers feature RCA type input connections. All MTX amplifiers allow both high level and line level input into the RCA type input connections.

Low Level Input – All MTX amplifiers feature RCA type input connections. Source units with an output signal level of 100mV–10V may be used. See “Input Sensitivity” for proper voltage level setting.

High Level Inputs with Smart Engage – All MTX amplifiers allow high level inputs through RCA type input connections using provided high level adapters. Source units with an output signal level of 100mV–10V may be used. See “Input Sensitivity” for proper voltage level setting.

Smart-Engage" Auto-turn-on: is an auto-turn-on circuit included within the amplifier. A remote turn-on wire is not necessary when connecting the amplifiers high-level input to a high-powered source unit (Car Stereo). The amplifier will automatically turn on when music is received through this type of connection.

Note: Smart engage is only active on the left input.

4.Input Sensitivity –The input sensitivity switch is used to set the proper input voltage range:

X1 POSITION: 100mV – 1V (Typically for RCA Input)

X10 POSITION: 1V – 10V (Typically for Speaker Level Input)

5.Gain Control – This feature is used to fine-tune the input sensitivity of the amplifier to the source unit’s output level.

6.Selectable 80Hz or 120Hz 24dB/oct X-over – This control allows the user to choose one of two low-pass frequency points the amplifier will play for the best possible performance. The upper end of the crossover frequency points can be selected from either 80Hz, 24dB per octave or 120Hz at 24dB per octave.

7.ThunderEQ (Switchable)- This feature will add 0 or 12dB of low frequency impact to the audio system. The Bass Boost is centered at 40Hz.

8.Remote Subwoofer Level Control (Remote Sub) – This port allows the use of the optional “remote level control”. The Remote Subwoofer Level Control is a bass control module that can be installed in any location within the vehicle for remote adjustments.

9.StreetWires Connectors – All MTX amplifiers include StreetWires connectors for efficient current and maximum voltage transfer

10.Speaker Connection – Two sets of speaker terminals are provided for dual woofer applications. When connecting a single woofer, use only one set of speaker terminals.

11.Power Terminals – This is the main power connection for the amplifier. The power and ground wire size should be the same gauge.

GND – The ground wire from this connection must be attached to bare metal on the vehicle.

REM – To turn the amplifier on/off, this terminal must be connected to the source unit’s “remote or electric antenna” wire.

+12V – The power wire from this connection must be attached to the positive side of the vehicle battery.

Before Starting

MTX recommends that you have your new Thunder amplifiers installed by an authorized MTX retailer, preferably MECP certified. If you do decide to do it yourself, make sure you have read the instructions carefully, and that

you have the following tools:


Electric drill

Phillips bit or Screwdriver

1/8” bit

Wire cutters/crimpers

Safety Glasses

X-acto Knife

Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery connection. Any deviation from the recommended connection procedures may cause serious damage to the amplifier, speakers and/or vehicle electrical system. Please double-check the connections before turning the system on.

Installation - Mounting

Place your Thunder amplifier at the predetermined mounting location. Using a felt pen, mark the exact position of the mounting holes on the mounting surface. Set the amplifier aside then with a sharp, precise blade cut small circles in the carpet and padding around the four marks denoting your mounting holes to expose the metal underneath. Use a center punch to make an indentation in the metal to ensure that you drill the exact position for the screws.

Note: Please use common sense and make sure that all vehicle wires, gas lines, break line, etc… are clear and will not interfere with the installation. ALWAYS WEAR PROPER SAFETY GLASSES.


1.Bi-Level Inputs (Low/High Level Input) with Smart Engage –Both a low and high-level signal can be used. Be sure to lay the signal wire away from all power cables and vehicle computers. Use high quality twisted pair interconnect cables to decrease the possibility of radiated noise entering the system.

Using RCA Connections: If the source unit has RCA outputs, simply attach a signal cable from source unit to amps RCA input. This will provide signal to the amp.

Using Speaker Level Connections: If the source unit does not have RCA outputs, a high level signal can be used instead by taking the supplied high-level RCA adaptor cables and connecting the bare wire ends to the vehicle’s rear speakers wiring. Connect the left negative speaker wire to the green with black stripe wire on the supplied high level RCA adaptor. Connect the left positive speaker wire to the solid green wire. Do the same for the right speaker connection using the purple wire. Now plug the RCA connectors located on opposite end of the supplied high-level RCA cables into the amp’s INPUTS.

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