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Installation Instructions

The K00372 kit is used for installing Q-1400orQ-Dualice machines on aB-970bin. (Refer to Sheet 2 of 3 forpre-installationinstructions.)

1. Note: Bin must be level before installation of ice machine.

A.Remove the foam tape from the front and sides of the bin where the stainless support/deflector will be located. Use the support to reference the areas where the tape should be removed.

B.Place the support on the front edge of the bin and position as far forward as possible.

C.Locate the four pieces of the 2” long, 3/4” wide foam tape in the front corners, as shown.

D.Place the fillers on the bin, as shown. Make sure the two holes from the stainless support/deflector and fillers are aligned on the side.

E.Using the fillers as templates, drill three 5/32” (4 mm.) holes, .500” (12.7 mm.) deep maximum, in the bin. Warning: Do not drill through the interior liner. Attach each filler with three10-24x .500” screws provided.

F.Apply foam tape to the front and back of the bin between the fillers. Note: All other required foam tape comes preassembled with the stainless support/deflector and fillers.

G.Note: It is recommended to RTV intersections and along the inside edge of the foam tape to prevent water tracking.

2. Refer to ice machine installation manual for ice machine installation procedures.




.75” Wide Foam Tape





















































.75” Wide Foam Tape




#10-24x .50”L

recommended to RTV

intersections and along inside

Screws Typ

edge of foam tape to prevent


water tracking

Stainless Steel




.75” x 2.00”L Foam Tape


Typ both front corners


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Pre-installationInstructions for Removal of Existing Plastic Deflector

1.Remove the left and right side cover screws (see View A).

2.Remove the cover to expose the four screws that secure the plastic deflector (see Detail B).

3.Take out the four screws. Remove the plastic deflector, replace with a polymer spacer on each side and secure with the four screws.

4.Reinstall the cover and proceed with the installation instructions.


Plastic Deflector

Plastic Deflector


Detail B

See Detail B

Cover Screw

View A

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Deflector Instructions

1. Remove the splash shield, water pump, and water trough from the ice machine.

1.Install the ice deflector, as shown, using two #10-32mounting screws and tapping plate. Center the ice deflector directly beneath the water trough. The ice deflector must be secured with two mounting screws for proper operation of the ice machine.

2.Reassemble the water trough, water pump, and splash shield.





Water Trough

Frame Angle

Ice Deflector

#10-32Mounting Screws

and Tapping Plate

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