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Wire/Heat Exchange Removal Instructions

1.Disconnect power to reach-in.

2.Remove L1 and L2 (N) (black and white) wire leads from L and 1 current relay terminals.

3.Recover refrigerant from the reach-inin accordance with local and national governing laws (some repiping will be required).

4.Remove heat exchanger. CAUTION! Remove entire system charge before proceeding.

a.Remove the insulation from the suction line liquid heat exchanger assembly. You will see the liquid line soldered to the suction line for approximately 15”. You must remove this soldered length.

b.Remove the liquid line from the suction line. Starting at the evaporator end, use a pliers and a low flame torch to carefully separate the liquid line from the suction line.

c.Reinsulate the suction line. Run the removed liquid line outside the suction line insulation.

5.Evacuate and recharge system with nameplate charge using ONLY HP81.

6.Pull L1 and L2 (N) (black and white) wire leads through rear 1/2” knockout hole of start component electrical box. Tighten 1/2” conduit nut to conduit fitting.

7.Screw start component electrical box to refrigeration platform close to compressor.

8.Wire-nutL1 (black) wire lead to wire lead #78 and L2 (white) wire lead to wire lead #77.

9.Break out bottom knockout of compressor electrical box and attach common, run, and start wire leads to compressor terminals, per new wiring diagram.

10.Peel backing off new wiring diagram and place over existing wiring diagram.


To Compressor


Liquid Line

Filter Drier

Reinsulate After




From Condenser




Do Not Reinsulate


From Evaporator

After Unsoldering




To Expansion


Suction Line


(Unsolder Entire Heat

Exchanger Approx. 15.00”)

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