JAMO 3A2, 3S, 3T, 8A2, 1A2 User Manual

JAMO 3A2, 3S, 3T, 8A2, 1A2 User Manual


1A2, 3A2, 3S, 3T, 8A2

Congratulations on your purchase of

Jamo Indoor/Outdoor speakers.

Package content.



Speaker (2)

Port plug “i” (4)

Allen wrench (1)

Assembled bracket (2)

Thumb screw “j” (4)

Manual (1)

Screw plug “g” (8)

Covers “k” (4)



The brackets comes pre-assembled. If disassembling the bracket for painting, re-assemble it as follow: Place the curved bracket (a) between the wall bracket (b) and wall bracket cover (c) as shown in fig. 1. Insert two 1” allen bolts (d) through wall bracket into wall bracket cover and tighten with the supplied allen wrench. Insert two ½” allen bolts (e) into each side of wall bracket and tighten towards curved bracket.






























































































Fig. 1

Mounting of bracket.

The bracket can be mounted for horizontal or vertical placement of the speaker. Mount the bracket with four screws (not included) appropriate for the surface the bracket is mounted to (wood, brick, concrete or other). Take into account the weight of the speaker (specifications on back). A hole (f) in the middle of the bracket allows for running the speaker wire through the bracket if so desired. Cover the screws with four screw plugs (g) fig. 2.

Mounting of port plugs.

If the front of the speaker is exposed to rain directly entering the bass reflex ports (under the grill), the ports should be closed to avoid filling the speaker with water. High moisture is not a problem. Remove the grill (h) from the speaker and insert two port plugs (i) into the bass ports. Re-install the grill. The speaker will reproduce less bass with the ports closed.

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