iOptron Telescope 8506 User Manual


Quick Start Guide

SmartStar® Solar 60 GOTO Telescope

With Solar Filter & Electronic Eyepiece



60mm refractor telescope with glass solar filter

Alt-Azimuth GOTO mount– The Cube™-- The only mount of its kind for ultimate rotation

Dual-axis servomotor with optical encoder for precise GOTO and tracking

GoToNova® 8405 hand controller. The most intuitive controller on the market

4 line and 21-character LCD screen with backlit LED for easy to read

5,000+ object database plus 128 user-defined objects

Mega pixel electronic eyepiece for viewing & capturing video and photos with a computer

Operate on 8 AA batteries (not included) or AC/DC adapter (optional #8417)

Optional car charger adaptor available (#8418)

GPS-compatible with optional GPS Module (#8411)

Sturdy aluminum tripod

Heavy duty backpack

1 year limited warranty


SmartStar® Cube™ –E telescope mount

60mm refractor telescope with removable glass solar filter

GoToNova® 8405 Hand Controller

Controller Cable

90º diagonal

25mm eyepieces

1.3 mega pixel CMOS electronic eyepiece

USB cable


Backpack bag

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Assembly Terms

1.Telescope tube

2.Dovetail lock

3.Hand controller

4.Altitude lock





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iOptron Telescope 8506 User Manual

Quick Start Guide for SmartStar® Solar 60 Telescopes

Step 1. Preparing the tripod

Tripod leg locks Unlock the tripod leg locks.

Extend tripod legs to full length

Lock the leg-locks afterwards.

Accessory Tray

Step 1a.

Stand the tripod upright by spreading the tripod's legs out uniformly.

Push down slightly on the Tripod Support Bracket to lock in place. Attach the Accessory Tray to the Tripod Support Bracket via a screw on the bottom of the tray. Turn the tray until hand tight – don’t over tighten the tray.

Tripod Support Bracket



Step 2. Attaching the mount



Insert Azimuth Lock Screw into the hole on the tripod. (start from

Thread of




Position center of the mount base onto the threaded screw. Turn the



Azimuth Lock Screw to secure the mount.

Step 3. Installing batteries (not included)

Pull off the battery compartment cover (see red arrow).

Gently pull the battery holder (shown next) out of the compartment. Be careful not to pull out the attached wires.

Step 3a.

Insert 8 AA batteries (not included) according to the diagram on the holder.**

Replace the holder back into the batteries compartment and replace the cover.

Note: fit the batteries holder back into the compartment with the attached wires at the bottom right corner (see arrow in the photo).

** Use only fresh batteries; do not mix fresh and old batteries; insufficient battery power may cause error messages; optional AC Adapter and Car Charger accessories are available at

Step 4. Attaching telescope

Attach telescope to mount using the dovetail lock knob (#2).

Dovetail lock (#2)

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