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iOptron® MiniPier

Instruction Manual

Product #8032

MiniPier 8032

iOptron® MiniPier is designed for iOptron GOTO mounts, which includes iEQ45, iEQ301, MiniTower, MiniTower II, or MiniTower Pro mount. It can be used with a MiniTower,

MiniTower Pro, or iEQ45 tripod.

Parts include2:

1.1x MiniPier Body

2.1x iEQ45 center stud and alignment peg

3.2x M8 hex head screws for iEQ tripod mounting

4.1x M12 Center Bolt with turning lever for MiniTower/MiniTower Pro mounting

5.3x M10 hex head screws for MiniTower tripod mounting

6.1X iEQ30 alignment peg and 2X mounting screws (optional, for those who does not have a iEQ30 tripod)



Pier diameter:

5.7" (144mm) with 6" (150mm) Flange plates

Pier height:

8" (203mm)

1For an iEQ30 mount, an iEQ45 or MT/MTP tripod is needed. A top flange with iEQ30 mounting holes will be supplied. Please specify when ordering.

2Parts included may be different from the list and photos.

MiniPier for iEQ45/iEQ30

The assemble example shown here is for installing a MiniPier onto an iEQ45 tripod. For an iEQ30 mount, either an iEQ45 tripod or a MiniTower/MiniTower Pro tripod is needed.

1.Extend the tripod legs and adjust the height of the tripod. Secure the tripod. Remember that the MiniPier will add 8 inch in height. Remove the alignment peg from the iEQ45 tripod head.

2.Release three locking screws located at the bottom of the MiniPier body. Put the Base Flange onto the tripod head. Using two M8 hex head screws to secure the base flange on to the iEQ45 tripod.

M8 screw

3. Put the MiniPier body onto the Base Flange and secure it using three locking screws.

Locking screw

4.Final adjust the tripod height and level the tripod with MiniPier before mounting the iEQ45 mount.

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