iOptron Telescope 8000DP, Telescope 8000D, Telescope 8000AZ User Manual


Quick Start Guide

The iEQ45™ GoTo German Equatorial Mount #8000D, #8000DP and #8000AZ


Telescope Mount (with built-in GPS)

Losmandy/Vixen dual saddle

Go2Nova® 8407 Hand Controller

Two 5 kg Counterweight

Controller Cable X 2

LED with cable for Polar Scope

AC adapter (100V-240V)

12V DC adaptor cable with car lighter plug

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RS232 cable

RS232 to RJ9 cable

2-inch Tripod (8000D)

Pier (8000AZ and 8000DP)

AZ base (8000AZ)

Vertical Locking Knob (8000AZ)

Polar axis cover with spirit level (8000AZ)

Manuals (you will need to refer to the full manual for details on set-up and operation).

Tips for set up

Hand controller and mount firmware upgrades (check online for latest version)

Reviews and feedback from other customers

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iOptron Telescope 8000DP, Telescope 8000D, Telescope 8000AZ User Manual

Quick Setup

1.A. Setup tripod: Expand the tripod legs and lock the Tripod Spreader so that the tripod legs stay open (Figure 1). Adjust the tripod height by unlocking and re-locking the tripod legs to desired height. Position the tripod so that the Alignment Peg faces north. (The

Alignment Peg may be moved to the opposite position if used at latitude lower than 20º to avoid counterweights hitting the tripod leg)

Alignment Peg

Tripod Spreader

Tripod Lock

Figure 1

1.B. Setup pier: Unthread the Pier Locking Screw (This screw is only used for pier storage). Separate the Pier Base with Legs from the Pier Tube. Remove the Pull Rods from inside the pier.



Pier Locking

Pier Base











Pier Tube

Figure 2

Pull Rods

Move the Pier Foot from the end to the side.

Pier Foot

Pier Foot (Storage Position)

Figure 4

Spread the Pier Leg. Put the Pier Tube onto the Pier Base, with Pier Alignment Slot aligned over the Alignment Tab on the Pier Base.

Pier Leg




Align Slot







Pier Base

Align Tab

Figure 5

Adjust the length of the three Pull Rods. Hook one end of a Pull Rod onto a bolt located on the Pier Leg and the other Pull Rod end onto the mounting beam inside the Pier Tube. Evenly tighten the Pull Rods. Make sure there is no gap between the Pier Base and Pier Tube.

Figure 3


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Tighten evenly

Alignment Peg

Adjustable Feet

Figure 6

Position the pier with Alignment Peg face north.

Alignment Peg

Figure 7

2.Attach the EQ mount: Retract the Azimuth Adjustment Knobs (next to the Bubble Level Indicator) to allow enough clearance for the Alignment Peg seating in the house. Put the mount onto the tripod head (or pier top) with bubble level on top of the Alignment Peg (Figure 9). Secure the mount head by tightening two Azimuth Locking T-bolts (Figure 8). Level the mount by adjusting individual tripod leg (or pier foot). You may use the build-in Bubble Level Indicator or an external torpedo level to check level.

Lat. Locking Screw (X4)

Figure 9

3.Set the Latitude: Unlock the four R.A. Clutch Screws and rotate the mount 180º around the R.A. axis (Figure 10) to move the dovetail face upside. Tighten the R.A. Clutch Screws. Un-screw the Altitude Adjustment Lever from Altitude Adjustment Knob (Figure 11). Turn the Latitude Adjustment Knob to set your current Latitude, which is displayed in Latitude Mark Window. Use the Lever for fine adjustments as needed. Always set the latitude without the load.

Dovetail Saddle

R.A. axis Polar Axis

R.A. Clutch

Screw (X4)

Bubble Level

Lat. Mark Window

Azi. Locking T-bolt (x2)

Azi. Adjust. Knob

Plastic Washer

Figure 8

Figure 10

If your latitude is between 5º to 40º, set the Latitude Adjustment Knob to the lower position. A Latitude Safety Block has to be installed (Figure 11)

If your latitude is between 35º to 70º, take the Latitude Safety Block off. Set the Latitude Adjustment Knob to the upper position. You should change the position before attaching the mount to the tripod head.


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